The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 7
Three Generations of Nazi Spies Since 1930's

By Jon Carlson

"Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen."
John Jay's letter to George Washington, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention (1787).


Otto Skorzany, an associate of Hitler, Bush I, and his father, Prescott Bush, in Nazi Germany in the 1930s reported that the Bushes were NAZI GERMANY SPIES having assumed American identities. Part 6 shows the Bushes ages are in fact ten years older than claimed thus making the Bush US genealogy claims another whopping Bush LIE.

National Archive documents show that 'Prescott Bush' was 'in charge' of a bank owned by Nazi Germany in New York City and thus 'Prescott Bush' was custodian of Nazi funds used for various purposes in America and in Germany.

'Prescott Bush' claimed he was born in Columbus, Ohio to Samuel Prescott Bush and Flora Sheldon NOT GERMANY. That is the origin of the Prescott and Bush names. Clearly a photo comparison shows 'Prescott Bush' gets no cigar. A total mismatch. Bushes are characterized by enormous ears, broken down noses and lots of wrinkles. Ugly as Sin. None of them a problem for Samuel Bush however. .

The claimed Prescott Bush Story:

Their first order of business as they financed Nazi activities was a 1934 coup against FDR and a major 1940 financing ($5 million) of Wendell Wilkie running against FDR. As WWII was running against Germany Prescott Bush and Martin Bormann, another associate of Hitler, along with American Germany agents John Dulles and Allen Dulles, formed 750 corporate entities worldwide to hold funds, companies, and properties that were stolen from Holocaust victims and victims in countries overrun by German troops. After WWII Bormann experienced a fake death and fled to Argentina (and later Florida) a safe port for Nazis ever since. From Argentina the Bormann organization controls their looted 'investments' including dominance in America publishing, music, Hollywood studios, Murdoch properties, Fox News, NYTimes, Washington Post, etc. Murdoch, Warren Buffet, Greenspan, and Bernanke are their playthings such as making pronouncements that roll the stock market. Buffet 'sponsored' a golf tournament on 9/11 at a Nebraska base and, would you believe, Bush II showed up. Buffet started out life as an owner of an Omaha furniture store! These guys will have to live forever with broken down bodies as even the Devil won't take them.

The numerous Nazi WEBSITES avoid the word NAZI like a plague. Indeed the worst of the four letter words. They are characterized by unlimited shots at Jews and Israel as if they are paid for how many such stories they run. Clearly they are operating on BIG BUDGETS with frequent changed links and a bevy of mediocre writers glad to do Jews and Israel in and especially covering up the Napalm bombs used on Americans on 9/11. They usually do a limited hangout on 9/11 saying it was an inside job but not mentioning that the Nazis did it.

The major vehicle of America's destruction after NAZI media control was THE MERGER OF SPIES as John and Allen Dulles joined US WWII intelligence with Nazi Germany intelligence. The German Spies said they were against Russia and really had the same interests as the US and would work FOR AMERICA. It really was a gambit to save themselves from hanging. Even the head of the Gestopo, Heinrich Muller, came over. Muller said Hitler fled from Berlin to Spain as Russian troops approached and then Argentina. Otto Skorzeny confirmed that Hitler lived out his sunset years in Florida. Did Hitler still rule the roost from Argentina? The Story goes that No. 2 to Hitler, Martin Bormann, was in charge of the 'Bormann Organization'.

Now it is understandable why Russia was lamblasted after WWII in spite of losing 20 million people and being the main factor behind the Allies prevailing in Europe and the Pacific. The Bormann organization used their media dominance to war against the Jews in order to bring Arab countries under their influence and gain control of Middle East oil supplies. Arab Ibn Saud was installed in the Saudi Arabia government by the Germans and the Dulles to maintain German Middle East 'oil investments'.

The Hitler associate that told the story of the Bushes infiltrating America had an excellent memory but more importantly he had a collection of 60 photos of Nazi Germany in the 1930's which we corroborated with later photos.

This exclusive photo to us of Bush I (German name George Scherf, Jr.) and Barbara Bush (German name unknown) AS TEENAGERS (circled in yellow) was dated by the German automobile in the background as early 1930's. The Hitler associate who told the story is in the rear with head cropped.

This is a 1931 Stoewer automobile:


So we have 'the Bushes' in Nazi Germany in the early 1930's.

When did the Bushes become Nazi Germany Spies in America?

Journalist John Buchanon found Library of Congress documents of congressional testimony before the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of the US House of Representatives on November 29th, 1934 describing a 1934 plot involving Prescott Bush to overthrow the Federal Government.

The documents showed that Prescott Bush led a group called the American Liberty League in a treasonous conspiracy with JP Morgan and the DuPont family. They tried to overthrow the U.S. government. They were going to abolish the presidency, make it a civil position, which was a dictatorship and they were going to kill FDR.

Paul Connely French, a New York Post and the Philadelphia Record journalist who brought the plot down along with Col. Smedley Butler testified before the House committee after talking with the plotters.

The lead plotter Gerald C. McGuire set up the coup attempt for JP Morgan and Prescott Bush. French testified that McGuire stated, “We need a Fascist government in this country to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America. The only men who have patriotism to do it are the soldiers and Gen. Smedley Butler is the ideal leader.”

McGuire told me he had been in Italy and Germany during the spring and summer of 1934 and had made an intensive study of the background of the Nazi and Fascist movements and how the veterans had played an important part in them. He said he obtained enough information on the Fascists and Nazi movements and the part played by the veterans to properly set up one in this country.”

Mr. French: The impression I gained from McGuire was that he had a very brilliant solution of the unemployment situation. He said that Roosevelt had muffed it terrifically but that he had the plan. He had seen it in Europe. It was a plan that Hitler had used in putting all of the unemployed in labor camps or barracks for enforced labor. That would solve it overnight. And he said that when they got into power that is what they would do. That was the ideal plan. Hitler was right.


Former U.S.Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus reports:

The twin US Archives, Gowen's Dutch source, and the Thyssen family history all independently confirm that Prescott Bush served on the board of a bank that was secretly owned by the leading Nazi industrialists. The Bush connection to these American institutions is a matter of public record. The enormous sums of money deposited into the Union Bank prior to 1942 is the best evidence that Prescott Bush knowingly served as a money launderer for the Nazis. As noted historian Christopher Simpson repeatedly documents, it is a matter of public record that Brown Brother's investments in Nazi Germany took place under the Bush family stewardship.

The bottom line is harsh: It is bad enough that the Bush family helped raise the money for Thyssen to give Hitler his start in the 1920's, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason. The Bush's bank helped the Thyssens make the Nazi steel that killed allied soldiers. As bad as financing the Nazi war machine may seem, aiding and abetting the Holocaust was worse. Thyssen's coal mines used Jewish slaves as if they were disposable chemicals. There are six million skeletons in the Thyssen family closet, and a myriad of criminal and historical questions to be answered about the Bush family's complicity. Source


This photo shows Bush I with Heinz Kissinger in the foreground. Kissinger is suspected of taking a parallel path to Bush from Nazi Germany in the 1930's and is also responsible for millions of deaths and untold property destruction and misery. Heinz was first offered the 9/11 Coverup Commission head position but his background caught up with him. A Wayne Madson Report

Also from Wayne Madsen:
White House Press Corps Threatened Over Obama CIA Job, Eligibility Questions

A report that Obama is a German Sleeper Spy fits in well and is an Israel Insider must read.

GHW Bush Honored For Committment To Germany!

Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. ambassador to Germany in 1993-94,told The Associated Press that Bush, who was president in 1989-93, lobbied for Germany's reunification against the wishes of his counterparts in Britain and France. Source


Another associate of Hitler, General Reinhard Gehlen, authored a book circa 1972 depicting the blueprint for what the Underground Reich was planning to do in the United States. The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen. In that book Chinese military philosopher Sun-Tzu in his classic The Art of War was quoted.

Consider the situation of the U.S. in recent years in light of these quotes:


This 1930's photo has our cast of characters in Nazi Germany. The owner of the photo is sitting in front of the window.



Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.


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