The 9/11 German Connection:
9/11 Ringleaders And Nazi CIA
Behind The Sabotage of America

By Jon Carlson


Your countrymen have been murdered and the more you delve into it the more it looks as though they were murdered by our government, who used it as an excuse to murder other people thousands of miles away.
If you ridicule others who have sincere doubts and who know factual information that directly contradicts the official report and who want explanations from those who hold the keys to our government, and have motive, means, and opportunity to pull off a 9/11, but you are too lazy or fearful, or ... to check into the facts yourself, what does that make you?

Full Statement of Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, US Marine Corps (ret)
Retired U.S. Marine Corps Fighter Pilot
February 20, 2007

9/11 was a Keystone Cops mass murder of Americans where everything went wrong while cameras galore were rolling. 9/11 Prime Suspects used Boeing 737 drones with napalm bombs attached to create Hollywood Spectaculars at the South and North Towers. The 9/11 article,

Keystone Cops 9/11: Is She Or Ain't She A Napalm Bomb?

made an open and shut case that one of the napalm bombs exited the South Tower before exploding in an enormous flaming cloud AND only a small component of the flaming clouds at the WTC were fueled by aviation jet fuel.

The 9/11 article,

Keystone Cops 9/11: Hell Has No Fury Like A Napalm Bomb

showed the South Tower Napalm crematory of live victims in the most heinous crime possible in this life, suspected to be compliments of the Bush Administration, the CIA, and the US Navy.

Besides the Napalm bomb exiting the South Tower an engine from alleged Flight UA175 went clean through the South Tower landing on a police car in a NYC street. However what was supposed to be a Boeing 767 engine was identified by military experts to be a Boeing 737 engine. View our collection of fifteen photos of the Boeing 737 street engine:

Keystone Cops 9/11: Fifteen Views Of The ST Fake Flight 175 Engine

An associate of Adolph Hitler, Otto Skorzeny (left), was cheated out of large sums of money by 'George Herbert Walker Bush' after both left Germany prior to and after WWII. To get even, Otto told the origins of the 'Bush family'. German name, Scherf family.

Bush's father, 'Prescott Bush', his mother, and Bush I, were captured in a rare photo when Bush I was in his teens serving in the German Navy. Read the first installment:

The 9/11 German Connection: Bush I, Born and Trained As A Spy In WWII Germany,
Stood down America's Defense

CIA Helped Bush I In 1950's Oil Venture

In an interview with a FBI agent during the Bush I Administration, the agent claimed THEY, the Nazis in the Reagan and Bush administration were MAKING EVERYTHING ILLEGAL LEGAL. America was a Christian nation with a prospering middle class and corporations and government served the people. Activities like gambling, nudity in films, prostitution, rape, homosexuality, greedy doctors and dentists looting patients, oil and food speculation, etc. were prosecuted with stiff punishment. NOW just common practice. At that time America and its corporations were the shining lights of the world as compared to, for example, the polluted criminal infested wasteland of Germany split in half by the Allies after WWII. Curiously the American Nazis fixed that little problem during the Bush I administration (1989).

GHW Bush Honored For Committment To Germany!

Holbrooke told The Associated Press that Bush, who was president in 1989-93, lobbied for Germany's reunification against the wishes of his counterparts in Britain and France.

Report: German neo-Nazi crime rate sets new high

The Nazi goal: sabotage every institution of America and bring America's reputation worldwide to ROCK BOTTOM.

The 1960 Military Budget: $41.6 billion

Historically the Democrats get the country into Wars and tax and spend. However, without an ongoing war, the Reagan administration started an incredible military buildup in 1980 that has bankrupted the country, the largest creditor country in the world at that time. The GOP, once the fiscally responsible party, cut taxes and borrowed and spent to make the Democrats proud. Both Bushes and Clinton spent the Social Security and all other trust fund surpluses for bureaucrats salaries so their deficits are even worst than depicted in this chart:

2004 596 billion
2005 554 billion
2006 557 billion
2007 501 billion

Sherman Skolnick: How the Nazis Controlled Clinton

The Nazi OSS stole $10 billion in gold from the Italian treasury in 1943. From that gold a $50 million contingency fund was established by the Resolution Trust Corporation to cover liabilities from the liquidation into Household Bank of American Heritage Savings and Loan,... According to Skolnick and associates, the fund disappeared and ended up in Little Rock to make the Madison Guaranty S&L look incompetent instead of criminal when its financial improprieties were finally examined closely.

Sherman Skolnick also explains how the CIA funds front organizations that fund media that spread the BIG LIES destroying America. He also gets into the Nazis in that article. A most read.

Politics 2008: GOP Getting Crushed in Polls, Key Races

Former GOP supporter, Bob Barr, now Libertarian Party Presidential candidate on the GOP:

So what we have is a party, the Republican Party, longer being committed to a core conservative philosophy. The Libertarian Party is so committed, and I felt that at the time that it was necessary to make a change because of the seriousness of the assaults on our civil liberties. The Democratic Party, while much better than the Republican Party on these particular issues, in other areas does not share my commitment to smaller government, maximized individual power and minimized government power.

Paul Craig Roberts praises Al Gore and NOT the GOP and Bush Administration

Big Oil Gave $2.6 million to Bush in 2004 with other GOP pols receiving an average of $110,000.

The oil industry is one of the biggest donors to Republican election campaigns. In 2004, the industry gave 80 percent of its $26 million in campaign donations to Republican candidates, including $2.6 million to Bush. That was the Republicans' biggest share in at least a decade, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group. In 2005, the industry gave 84 percent of $7 million to the Republicans, and the top 20 congressional recipients of the industry's giving were all Republicans.


EXXON Return of Capital (32%) is DOUBLE US industries average.

"ExxonMobil continued its superior performance with a 2007 return on average capital employed of 32 percent, almost 40 percent greater than its closest competitor, and increased its five-year average to 28 percent." At 32 percent, Exxon is making more than double what U.S industries make on average by the same measure. And about triple what regulated gas and electric utilities make.


Not knowing Bush is sabotaging America in every way that he can, Historians Give A 1.8% Approval Rating.

In an informal survey of 109 professional historians conducted over a three-week period through the History News Network, 98.2 percent assessed the presidency of Mr. Bush to be a failure while 1.8 percent classified it as a success. “George Bush has combined mediocrity with malevolent policies and has thus seriously damaged the welfare and standing of the United States,” wrote one of the historians, echoing the assessments of many of his professional colleagues. “Bush does only two things well,” said one of the most distinguished historians.  “He knows how to make the very rich very much richer, and he has an amazing talent for f**king up everything else he even approaches.  His administration has been the most reckless, dangerous, irresponsible, mendacious, arrogant, self-righteous, incompetent, and deeply corrupt one in all of American history.” 

Some media pundits are now claiming the US invaded Iraq to grab their oil in spite of Kuwait doing such and getting runover by the Iraqi military machine. The US has done little better causing massive death and destruction and thorough sabotage of America's reputation at home and abroad.

An oil economist adviser to the World Bank and the UN Industrial Development Organisation told a British parliamentary committee last month that Iraq had offered the US a deal, three years before the war, that would have opened 10 new giant oil fields on "generous" terms, in return for lifting sanctions. "This would certainly have prevented the steep rise of the oil price," he said.

As the Bush Nazis political philosophy is CHAOS the idea that they are establishing a Fascist form of government doesn't hold water. In 1996 the RNC made a deal with the Jewish Communists in the Democratic Party, such as the NY Times bunch, to switch over. Commies and Fascists are opposites, not compatible SO America got CHAOS not Fascism.

Nazi Bush Meets Communist Merkel in Germany

Chancellor Merkel hosted President Bush on July 13, 2006 in the towns of Stralsund and Trinwillershagen, which are in the Chancellor’s electoral constituency. The visit, which took place in what had been communist East Germany

This is NOT a standard European greeting:

German President Says America Reputation at Rock Bottom in EU

It was American unilateralism without serious deliberations and decisions in the Atlantic pact ( NATO) which had practically an alienating effect among all European nations." US-German ties hit a post-World War II low point following Berlin's steadfast refusal to back the illegal American war in Iraq.
Germans have also strongly opposed Bush's policies on his so-called 'war on terror', Afghanistan, Middle East and climate protection.

Many patriotic Americans working in the Reagan, Clinton and Bushes administrations were doing what they thought was right for America. Alan Greenspan, Morgan Reynolds, Paul O'Neil, and Karl Schwarz claimed they weren't listened to. Karl Schwarz tells of working with Wall Street and the Bush I Administration during the Trillion Dollar Savings and Loan Mess where Bush I 'deregulated' S&L's that were chartered to issue mortgages only to allow them to issue business loans, a very risky endeaver. Karl said Bush I sat on the Plan. Paul O'Neil mentioned that in the Bush II Administration the CIA had operations ongoing in 80 countries. CHAOS worldwide!

The annual intelligence budget was $43.5 billion in fiscal 2007 but the CIA with its drug running from Afghanistan is claimed to be self-supported. That was the source of funds for 9/11 and congressional campaign funds. The Democrats are planning to redo the Afghanistan War when Obama gets in. The Taliban closed down the poppy fields when they had control that caused a shortage of street drugs. The Taliban has taken over control of large parts of Afghanistan while the US is bogged down in Iraq.

Karl Schwarz explains the strategy for US-UK takeover of the Afghanistan pipeline to the rich Caspian Sea Basin oil fields project that the Bridas Corporation of Argentina was building:

How Do Americans Cleanse The Wound Of 9-11?
By Karl Schwarz

Karl says the Jewish Communists that left the Democrats circa 1996 for the GOP WAR PARTY ARE NOW BACK AND OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOW THE WAR PARTY!

What To Do? What To Do? By Karl Schwarz

'F' For America - No Strategic Vision, No Strategic Plan By Karl Schwarz

Heating up the Cold War By Jerry Mazza

Chris Story reports how Germany is trying to take down the US.

Bush I and Bush II marched to a different drummer, the Nazi drummer. They acted DUMB. Nixon said Bush I was not too bright but someone you appointed to positions.Continually we hear that Bush whichever when he continually supports Anti-America programs that he is stupid. Like, one stupid idea after another is a common comment.

Highlighted in this rare Otto Skorzeny photo from his collection of 60 Nazi Germany photos, are George Scherf, Jr., George Scherf, and wife OR using their assumed identity American names: Bush I, Prescott Bush, and Bush I's mother. Bush I is dressed in a German Navy uniform! The other sailor is Martin Bormann, later No. 2 to Hitler.

This German family, the 'Bushes', probably is a bunch of illegal aliens. Foreigners in the 1930's became American citizens by undergoing a Naturalization process. There are no records of these 'Bushes' being naturalized. They made up a geneology background INSTEAD. Babies born to German citizens maintained German citizenship. Barbara Bush, left, is claimed to be a daughter of a American publisher, Prescott, right, and his wife are claimed to be part of an American 'Bush' family. No records support these claims. Bush I, center, born in Germany, clearly is not a US Citizen, and the kid, Bush II, would not qualify for citizenship as he was born of German citizens. The US Constitution requires Presidents to be naturally born.

'Barbara' & 'George' far left in this Nazi Germany photo. Notice the 1932 car:

Source: Eric Orion Download book here.

Children from immigrant families start out life behind the eight ball having to learn two languages. Educators recommend that immigrant families speak only English in the family settings so the children have a good facility for the English language the basis of an intellectual education. The 'Bushes' wanted German servants and of course they spoke German. Bush II only achieved a D average at Yale and even less as President. The first President with poor speaking, thinking, writing,and reading capabilities.

'Prescott Bush', German name George Scherf, has a rare nose to distinguish his photos. Bush I had his mother's woman nose shown in both photos. The squarish face and hair pattern of 'Dorothy' further idenifies her in these photos. Bush I's, (George Scherf, Jr.) most distinguishing character however is the ear position and shape. That ear position resembles the mother's ear position..


Bush I at one year. Even at this age the ears and the little nose are distinguishing characteristics:

Typically the nose represents 1/3 of the face length:

Bush claimed he was age 18 in these photos. More like age 28.

Source: Eric Orion Download

Bush piloted a Bomber during WWII like he has sabotaged America:

Mierzejewki, who is also a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the New York Post that he saw "a puff of smoke" come out of Bush's plane and quickly dissipate. He asserted that after that there was no more smoke visible, that Bush's "plane was never on fire" and that "no smoke came out of his cockpit when he opened his canopy to bail out." Mierzejewski stated that only one man ever got out of the Barbara II, and that was Bush himself. "I was hoping I would see some other parachutes. I never did. I saw the plane go down. I knew the guys were still in it. It was a helpless feeling."
Mierzejewski has long been troubled by the notion that Bush's decision to parachute from his damaged aircraft might have cost the lives of Radioman second class John Delaney, a close friend of Mierzejewksy, as well as gunner Lt. Junior Grade William White. 'I think [Bush] could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don't know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing,'" Mierzejewski told the New York Post.

The heavy hair on the sides of the head don't hide 'the ears'.

A longer sideburn doesn't help either. A hint of the 'Prescott nose':

As he get older is he is developing a Pinocchio nose:

A sharp CRT monitor catches the ear pattern in the Dallas photo circa JFK's murder.

This photo shows how JFK was driven off MAIN STREET to waiting Nazi CIA killers:

View our articles proving Bush I was in the White House on 9/11 as the White House personel normally in charge of the Situation Room were taken to Booker School for merely a photo opportunity:

Bush's Dirty Little Secret: 9/11

The 9/11 White House
So Where Was Bush I Anyway?

As in War murder is Weapon No. 1. Murder, Fear, Threats, and Bribes keep the GOP pols in line. A number of Democrats were killed in plane crashes. Teddy survived one and never was the same. Hale Boggs, Wellstone, JFK,Jr. Several blackmailers of the Nixon role in the JFK killing were killed in a similar MOD plane crash. The anthrax went only to Democrats. Fort Detrick Scientists Admit Source.

SCOREBOARD: Obama claims al-Qaeda of Afghanistan did 9/11; McCain claims al-Qaeda of Iraq did 9/11; The Clintons claim al-Qaeda of Afghanistan did 9/11. (Transcript)


Nazi-supported CIA websites, those that claim Israel and Jews are behind 9/11, are claiming that the Holocaust didn't happen. Curiously the US Media with Jews aplenty in management and ownership positions are not trying to gain justice for their Jewish brethran killed in the Nazi death camps let alone Christians killed on 9/11.

The 9/11 Elephant has trampled Barack Obama for his flip-flop on the FISA issue invalidating part of the US Constitution. THE LIE is he claims Terrorists are out there like the 9/11 terrorists and FISA is a needed weapon against them. As the 9/11 elephant emphasizes the murderers of 9/11 are using FISA to check up on the opposition. The Nazi controlled GOP Senators voted 100% with Obama. The House GOP voted 188 to 1 to alter the US Constitution Fourth Amendment. Curiously neither Ron Paul or McCon voted.

Obama from Illinois, the land of Lincoln, tramples Lincoln instead following in the footsteps of Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas. The Nazis set a FISA trap. Will Obama learn a lesson?


Our Long National Nightmare with the Bush & Clinton Dynasties is Over--or Is It?

The RBCB (Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush) era is apparently finished, although with this crowd you can never be sure. It was a time when America lost power, respect, direction, jobs, integrity, its Constitution and an understanding of what democracy was all about.

Former Senator Mike Gravel Calls for Independent 9/11 Investigation

Now that we understand Bush's motives to sabotage America everything he does makes sense.
Bush Calls for Offshore drilling Means Bush Calls for more Exxon Valdez destruction on America's shorelines.

Since 2005 Bush has been pouring high grade sweet crude into the ground (oil reserve) and acting like he is willing to lose a 3rd war taking on Iran to jack up oil prices to get the shoreline destruction. However, he actually sold crude from the reserve before the 2006 elections to drop oil prices. Congress forced the issue and ordered the filling of the reserve stopped. Mysteriously the Reserve continues to be filled.



Oil Market Analyst Claims Bush is Running Up the Price of Crude Oil

Recently, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the government would not release crude from the SPR (Strategic Oil Reserve) because President Bush does not believe in manipulating markets. Unfortunately, Perino misspoke. The Bush administration has been manipulating the world crude market since it began adding sweet crude to the Strategic Oil Reserve in August 2007. Prices will fall if and when President Bush stops this activity. (Sweet Crude is in limited supply as refineries don't have to remove sulfur; sour crude is a glut on the market.)

US Oil Imports Are Being Held Back: 21% below 1981 levels.

Exporting countries ship only oil that has been ordered. If orders are lower than normal only the lower amount will be shipped. Refineries are operating at only 89% of capacity so there are CREATED SHORTAGES. Bush and the Nazis are creating a FEAR SITUATION, that high gas and heating prices will be the norm unless America's shortlines are made vulnerable to oil destruction like Exxon Valdez that still needs $90 million to clean up. That was on Bush I's watch who always fought against double-hulled oil tankers and now we know why. The Carter Administration closed down the Gull Island oil fields off Alaska that would supply America for 200 years and Alaskan oil is being shipped to Japan.

Joel Skousen reports: Gas Price Manipulation And Gull Island Oil

Nazis fluoridated the water in POW camps to keep the prisoners calm and fluoride is a component of many high strength tranquilizers.

Without any controlled scientific studies 70% of Americans have fluoride in their tap water supply. The union of EPA Scientists want fluoride removed from drinking water. Fluoridation started in the 1950's. Is there a Nazi-CIA connection?

EPA Scientists & Workers Call for an end to Water Fluoridation because of Cancer Risk

List of European countries that oppose fluoridation.

"We are pleased to inform you that according to the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies. Consequently, no Danish city has ever been fluoridated." (Klaus Werner, Royal Danish Embassy, Washington DC, December 22, 1999).

Fluoride and Thyroid Disease

Kidney Health Group Warns Fluoride Users

The Murder Of US Manufacturing

GE’s announcement a week ago that it would accept offers for its appliances business marked the death-knell of yet another US manufacturing business, one among so many in US manufacturing’s long and seemingly unstoppable downtrend since 1980.

Take Financial Talking-heads With A Grain Of Salt

The US Media couldn't care less about reporting 9/11 Truth:

"In actively marketing our products, the emphasis should be on attracting quality subscribers rather than seeking quantity at any cost," Decherd said. "Instead of focusing on short-term performance, our goal over time is to deliver a stable audience with a demographic profile that is very attractive to advertisers -- and do so in the most cost effective way possible."

DON'T MISS more photos and analysis of 9/11, the Nazis, and the Unknown President:

Click on The Hoax Of The Century Archive