The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 3
Hitler Associate Exposes
Nazi Germany Born Bushes

By Jon Carlson

An associate of Adolph Hitler, Otto Skorzeny (left), was cheated out of large sums of Nazi loot by 'George Herbert Walker Bush' (Nazi Germany name George Scherf,Jr.) after both left Germany prior to and after WWII. To get even, Otto Skorzeny told the origins of the 'Bush family' oops, the 'Scherf family'.

Nazi Hunters chasing after WWII Nazi Germany killers, thieves, rapists, what have you, that scattered hither and yon through Europe, South American, Australia, Canadan AND THE UNITED STATES with thousands claimed the best way to get the goods on a Nazi was when two Nazis feuded over money or women. Read Become a Nazi Hunter: The Nazis in The White House Story Part 2 for the article scan of a May 1968 TRUE magazine interviewing the Nazi Chasers.

Otto Shorzeny (left of Hitler in this photo) had a collection of SIXTY Nazi Germany photos to back up his story. We tried to knock down the story BUT instead substantiated it in spades.

Highlighted in this rare Otto Skorzeny photo from his collection of 60 Nazi Germany photos, are George Scherf, Jr., George Scherf, and wife OR using their assumed identity American names: Bush I, Prescott Bush, and Bush I's mother. Bush I is dressed in a German Navy uniform! The other sailor is Martin Bormann, later No. 2 to Hitler.

AS the Bushes never became naturalized US citizens they are illegal aliens and not eligible for the US Presidency or Vice-presidency. Bush II and Jeb Bush who the Nazis are grooming for President in 2012 are sons of illegal aliens and thus also illegal aliens. Otto Skorzeny also had a Nazi Germany photo of 'Barbara Bush' and Bush I circa 1930 as teenagers which place their birth circa 1915 not circa 1924 as their fake genealogy records claim. Now you know why Barbara Bush always looked older than she claimed. Prescott Bush, Bush I's father, claims to be a son of Ohio resident Samuel Prescott Bush, where the Prescott and Bush Names derived, but the 1900 Federal Census showed that PRESCOTT BUSH was forged replacing Robert Sheldon Bush. The Nazis who forged in the name added Sheldon as the middle name Prescott Sheldon Bush. Would you believe two sons with the same middle name?

A forged death certificate for Robert claimed he died in 1900 so would not be on the 1900 Census. Robert Bush filed for the WWI Ohio draft and his Illinois birth certificate is missing. Nazi CIA spywork. If you can't forge or alter a document, steal or hide it. Clearly the Nazi CIA did the phony, missing document work for Obama born in Thailand AND NOT EVEN A BLACK. Obama's close cut hair hides the typical Thai long flowing mane. The Dumbo ears typical of the Thai, atypical of Black Americans. A Nazi JOKE on Black Americans as it is claimed 90% voted for 'Obama' thinking he was black.

The Scherf Family, ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS:

Teenagers 'Barbara & George' far left in this circa 1930 Nazi Germany photo. Otto Skorzeny's head is cropped at the upper margin. Notice the 1932 car in the background which dates the photo.

Source: Eric Orion Download book here.

Children from immigrant families start out life behind the eight ball having to learn two languages. Educators recommend that immigrant families speak only English in the family settings so the children have a good facility for the English language the basis of an intellectual education. The 'Bushes' wanted German servants and of course they spoke German. Bush II only achieved a D average at Yale and even less as President. The first President with poor speaking, thinking, writing,and reading capabilities.

'Prescott Bush', German name George Scherf, has a rare nose to distinguish his photos. Bush I had his mother's tiny woman nose shown in both photos. The squarish face and hair pattern of 'Dorothy' further idenifies her in these photos. Bush I's, (George Scherf, Jr.) most distinguishing character however is the ear position and shape. That ear position resembles the mother's ear position..


Bush I at one year. Even at this age the ears and the little nose are distinguishing characteristics:

Typically the nose represents 1/3 of the face length:

Bush claimed he was age 18 in these photos. More like age 28.

Bush piloted a Bomber during WWII like he has sabotaged America:

Mierzejewki, who is also a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the New York Post that he saw "a puff of smoke" come out of Bush's plane and quickly dissipate. He asserted that after that there was no more smoke visible, that Bush's "plane was never on fire" and that "no smoke came out of his cockpit when he opened his canopy to bail out." Mierzejewski stated that only one man ever got out of the Barbara II, and that was Bush himself. "I was hoping I would see some other parachutes. I never did. I saw the plane go down. I knew the guys were still in it. It was a helpless feeling."
Mierzejewski has long been troubled by the notion that Bush's decision to parachute from his damaged aircraft might have cost the lives of Radioman second class John Delaney, a close friend of Mierzejewksy, as well as gunner Lt. Junior Grade William White. 'I think [Bush] could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don't know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing,'" Mierzejewski told the New York Post.

The heavy hair on the sides of the head don't hide 'the ears'.

A longer sideburn doesn't help either. A hint of the 'Prescott nose':

As he get older is he is developing a Pinocchio nose:

A sharp CRT monitor catches the ear pattern in the Dallas photo circa JFK's murder. The Nazis' favorite sport is killing Democrats.

This photo shows how JFK was driven off MAIN STREET to waiting Nazi CIA killers:

Nazis fluoridated the water in POW camps to keep the prisoners calm and fluoride is a component of many high strength tranquilizers.

Without any controlled scientific studies 70% of Americans have fluoride in their tap water supply. The union of EPA Scientists want fluoride removed from drinking water. Fluoridation started in the 1950's. Is there a Nazi-CIA connection?

EPA Scientists & Workers Call for an end to Water Fluoridation because of Cancer Risk

List of European countries that oppose fluoridation.

"We are pleased to inform you that according to the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies. Consequently, no Danish city has ever been fluoridated." (Klaus Werner, Royal Danish Embassy, Washington DC, December 22, 1999).

Fluoride and Thyroid Disease

Kidney Health Group Warns Fluoride Users

The Murder Of US Manufacturing

GE’s announcement a week ago that it would accept offers for its appliances business marked the death-knell of yet another US manufacturing business, one among so many in US manufacturing’s long and seemingly unstoppable downtrend since 1980.

Take Financial Talking-heads With A Grain Of Salt

The US Media couldn't care less about reporting 9/11 Truth:

"In actively marketing our products, the emphasis should be on attracting quality subscribers rather than seeking quantity at any cost," Decherd said. "Instead of focusing on short-term performance, our goal over time is to deliver a stable audience with a demographic profile that is very attractive to advertisers -- and do so in the most cost effective way possible."


Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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