Hell Has No Fury

Like A Napalm Bomb

By Jon Carlson


9/11 was a Keystone Cops mass murder of Americans where everything went wrong while cameras galore were rolling. Instead of using commerical airliners, 9/11 Prime Suspects used Boeing 737 drones with napalm bombs attached to create Hollywood Spectaculars at the South and North Towers. The 9/11 article,

Is She Or Ain't She A Napalm Bomb?

made an open and shut case that one of the napalm bombs exited the South Tower before exploding in an enormous flaming cloud AND only a small component of the flaming clouds at the WTC were fueled by aviation jet fuel.

In the left margin of this photos the YELLOW highlighted area shows where the South Tower napalm bomb exited and the RED highlighted area shows the exit hole of a Boeing 737 drone engine, not a Flight UA175 Boeing engine. Notice relatively little fire as napalm burns out quickly.

A few minutes after that photo was taken, just 59 minutes after the crash, the South Tower collapsed from RDX demolition charges ignited by the US Navy helicopter hoving about the South Tower BUT SHOWN LEAVING IN THIS PHOTO FOR THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER USS GEORGE WASINGTON ANCHORED OFF LONG ISLAND ON 9/11.

In Keystone Cops fashion Nazi US Navy demolitionists not accustomed to doing skyscrapers USED WAY TOO MUCH EXPLOSIVES. In this photos unlike the typical well-controlled building demolition debris is blown outward over 63 meters or 200 feet. A side of the Tower measures 208 feet. Some beams were blown a block away.

This photo shows the napalm bomb exit hole while it was still aflame:

In these photos notice the weakly braced corner construction. The napalm bomb hit a wall and was guided to the corner where it busted through the wall and ignited. Flaming Hell for the occupants. The Nazis behind 9/11 deserve nothing better.

This would be a typical WTC workspace:

As the South Tower drone hit at an angle a number of these workspaces were impacted:

Several floors AND THE PEOPLE were engulfed in flaming napalm fires:

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Ground Zero engineer witnesses Napalm

Brian Tokarczik, a young engineer at Thornton-Tomasetti. Mr. Tokarczik had been working on cleanup at ground zero for 11 days when he spoke about the progress. Mr. Tokarczik, a Navy veteran of the Gulf War, said he was reminded of Kuwait, stating that there was "an ominous smell of burning iron," and that the jet fuel sticking to everything reminded him of napalm.

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