Is She Or Ain't She

A Napalm Bomb?

By Jon Carlson


9/11 was a Keystone Cops mass murder of Americans where everything went wrong while cameras galore were rolling. The King of the Hill blunder however had to be when one of four NAPALM BOMBS carried by the Boeing 737 drone substituted for the Flight UA175 Boeing 767 went clean through the South Tower workspace and out the rear wall before exploding.

Look hard at the Boeing 737 drone and you will see two white objects (Napalm bombs) attached to the understructure of the aircraft. Video analysis showed two napalm bombs on both sides and the resultant explosions.

This photo shows a napalm as it exits the rear wall CREATING A SHADOW ON THE WALL!

This photo show a bit of progress STILL A SHADOW ON THE WALL but worst the flaming cloud from other napalm bombs that exploded among the occupants of the World Trade Center office space.

Each side of the towers measured 208 feet across so using projections of a tower wall gives a good estimate of the dimensions of the flaming clouds. In this photo the left projection captures the napalm bomb flaming cloud that didn't penetrate the South Tower. The right projection likewise captures the napalm bomb that exited the South Tower indicating an exploding cloud of over 200 feet.

NBC News had a helicopter taking it all in. The projection of the tower wall in this photo indicates a flaming cloud from the exiting napalm bomb of at least 400 feet across!

The flaming cloud in this photo measures at least 200 feet from the wall and that is AFTER IT EXPLODED THROUGH THE WALL. (The left flaming cloud measures about 200 feet across and in height.)

This North Tower photo has the drone impact area highlighted in yellow. The separation between it and the flaming cloud indicates two separate events: 1) a napalm bomb apparentlybounced off the North Tower and exploded, and 2) the drone impact area meaning that the flaming cloud is not a flaming drone. This flaming cloud is over 200 feet across and perhaps 500 feet in height:

This perspective of the North Tower 'flaming cloud' shows a rearward extension of plus 200 feet:

REMOTE CONTROL BY THE WHITE JET was the primary means to effect 9/11. Remote control aircraft were invented during WWII.

Way back in 1984 NASA rigged up a four engine Boeing 720 drone with remote control. The jet aviation fuel tanks are located in the wings.

Another perspective. Especially notice the yellowish color of the ignited jet aviation fuel versus the characteristic reddish color of the WTC napalm flamming clouds.

The World Trade Center was constructed to withstand a crash of a four engine Boeing 707, weighing 145,000 pounds empty with only local structural damage. The Boeing 737 drones that hit the towers ONLY WEIGHED 70,000 POUNDS EMPTY which they were except for onboard explosives and added remote control equipment..

The NASA Boeing 720 drone carried a standard fuel load of 11,500 gallons causing flaming clouds of less than 130 feet across. The Boeing 737 drones that hit the WTC probably didn't carriy a standard fuel load of 7,000 gallons as they needed only enough fuel to hit their targets. Obviously the jet aviation fuel component of the WTC flaming clouds on 9/11 was minimal.

An engineer working on Ground Zero for 11 days describes the tenacious 'jet fuel':

Also speaking at the lecture was Brian Tokarczik, a young engineer at Thornton-Tomasetti. Mr. Tokarczik had been working on cleanup at ground zero for 11 days when he spoke about the progress. Mr. Tokarczik, a Navy veteran of the Gulf War, said he was reminded of Kuwait, stating that there was "an ominous smell of burning iron," and that the jet fuel sticking to everything reminded him of napalm.

Another engineer claims that SEVEN BUILDINGS WERE TAKEN OUT on 9/11!

After Tokarczik spoke, Thornton took questions from the audience. One, posed by Dean of the Engineering School James Wei, inquired as to whether the terrorists could have known that ramming planes into the buildings would have caused such damage.
 "No. They absolutely lucked out. They probably thought they would destroy the tops of the buildings, but IT MUST HAVE BEEN BEYOND THEIR FAINTEST DREAMS THAT THEY COULD TAKEOUT ALL SEVEN BUILDINGS OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

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Witness of ST street engine landing

We... finally arrived at the corner of... West Broadway and Vesey. As soon as we arrived... a massive explosion goes off... We didn't know that it was a second plane...
I immediately tell everyone to get out of the car and hide somewhere... There was a police car... on the corner there and some debris comes down... and it just crushes it... It looked like part of an engine. It was pretty big. It was probably the size of the hood because it kind of hit it, bounced, and then rolled off.

NY Fireman described ST demolition

On the way down we noticed very large plane parts on Vesey Street, and you could tell at that point that this was not a small aircraft.Then you couldn’t see the top of the building anymore, it looked like it was as if each floor was exploding. As each floor came down, you could actually see the windows and everything blow out. Things were blowing out the sides.

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