The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 18
The Pentagon 9/11 A3 Skywarrior Story

By Jon Carlson

9/11 was a Keystone Cops mass murder of Americans where everything went wrong while cameras galore were rolling. 9/11 Prime Suspects used remote controlled Boeing 737 drones with napalm bombs attached to create Hollywood Spectaculars at the South and North Towers. Flight controllers in the Motley-Rice lawsuit claimed the NYC scheduled airliners were last seen on the radar screen over the Atlantic Ocean.

At the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania the weapon of choice was the A3 Skywarrior also fitted out with remote control and napalm bombs. A White Jet seen in at all 9/11 locations served as Show Director guiding drones through the 9/11 skies and igniting by radio signal the controlled demolitons at the North and WTC7. That aircraft was caught on camera in the skies of those demolitions. Similarly the camera caught a control helicopter over the South Tower as that tower was demolished. The White Jet triggered explosives aboard the A3 in Pennsylvania bringing that aircraft to the ground. Witnesses said that aircraft came from the east. The Nazis claimed it was heading east for the White House but luckily crashed.

This section of the Pentagon was later 'collapsed' in an amateurish 'controlled demolition'. Notice the Blackened masonry wall telltale of one of the A3 Skywarrior napalm bomb flaming clouds:

The highlighted area in this photo shows the telltale smoked Pentagon wall of the second A3 Skywarrior napalm bomb:

Also in that photo notice a tractor lift picking up a A3 Skywarrior engine in front of the wall. There are 10 photos of the A3 Skywarrior engine. A closer view in the next photo has the gouge in the concrete wall made by the LEFT A3 Skywarriorengine impact highlighted in yellow:

In this photo the FBI has that engine, a mashed A3 Skywarrior fuselage, and miscellanous A3 pieces loaded on a trailer for disposal somewhere!

Knowing the impact point of the left engine,the A3 dimensions, and MISSING 5 foot long limestone blocks, it is possible to depict the A3 crash location:

Since the FBI stole some 85 videos of the Pentagon 9/11 episode and probably destroyed them like the engine above, only a few frames and a couple of fuzzy videos have been released by the Pentagon. The whole Pentagon production was the ultimate Keystone Cops phase of 9/11. A full release of the 85 videos would show the Pentagon involvement and make the Pentagon and 9/11 Prime suspects the LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.

This photo shows two separate explosive clouds from the two A3 Skwarrior napalm bombs ignited simultaneously:

The Pentagon is about 100 feet in height so in this photo the flaming clouds have risen to almost 200 feet with a similar width. In comparison, at the WTC the napalm flaming clouds reached dimensions of 400 feet in height and width.

It is clear this flaming cloud made from two napalm bombs is the CHAMPION OF 9/11 FLAMING NAPALM CLOUDS!

Highlighted in this photo is the helicopter that served as base of operations to remote control the A3 Skywarrior into the Pentagon Wall. As is common in the 9/11 Keystone Cops affair, little stuff like a control helicopter ISN'T EVEN EDITED OUT!

In this photo the residual fires of the napalm bombs are highlighted in yellow. The RED outline depicts the A3 Skywarrior crash zone:

In the spirit of Keystone Cops 9/11 a A3 Skywarrior wing glanced off the Pentagon wall and hit a fire engine parked to the far left and set it afire. Notice the crowd of onlookers. The A3 is carrier capable and has folded wings for storage on ship. The intact wing end section is captured in these photos.

Also to the left is the end of the carrier-capable A3 Skywarrior wing. Notice the clean inner end and the rounded tip:

This photo of an A3 Skywarrior shows the wing construction:

A 9/12 photo shows the right wing sections being lifted and transported never to be seen again:

Napalm bombs are wham, bam, that's all, folks. Just like at the North Tower Hollywood special effects and enhancement were needed. A large container of crude oil next to a generator truck that uses diesel fuel NOT CEROSOTE OIL was the prop and generator of the fake smoke plume seen from miles around and on TV around the world. On Maximum smoke in this photo:

Highlighted in RED in that photo is a view of the A3 Skwarrior fuselage drawing a crowd.

A closer look in the next photo shows it more clearly. Notice the white truck as later when the wall is demolished the white truck and the A3 fuselage were pinned under the wall debris. It is not known if any of these men were killed in that surprise 'collapse'.

In this photo the wall gouge made by the left A3 Skywarrior engine is highlighted in YELLOW. That engine lays on the ground highlighted in BLUE. The WHITE TRUCK is highlighted in RED. The A3 Skywarrior fuselage portion is highlighted in GREEN:

Again, in the spirit of Keystone Cops 9/11, foam fire trucks from the nearby airport just happened to be dealing with a nearby auto fire when they heard the crash and saw the smoke plume. After arrival it took them SEVEN MINUTES to extinguish all but remnants of the remaining fires.

Especially notice in this photo the foam truck is directing foam to the A3 Skywarrior impact area depicted in RED AND the crude oil smudgepot to the far right.

In this photo EVEN the smudgepot to the far right is extinguished:

This foam truck is extinguishing the smudgepot fire:


Being among the first responding fire units, National's aircraft rescue firefighters (ARFF) crews were able to set up their apparatus directly in front of the gaping hole in the Pentagon. That was where their training in fighting aircraft fires and the capability of their foam units to extinguish jet fuel fires were put to the best use.
The ARFF foam units knocked down the bulk of the fire in the first seven minutes after their arrival, said Captain Michael Defina, who was the shift commander that day at National.
 "We applied the foam tactfully and kept the fire from spreading drastically," he said. "This allowed for self-evacuation of the Pentagon at a critical time, saving many lives, and eventually the building." Two Oshkosh T3000s spread approximately 600 gallons (2.2 kiloliters) of 6% AFFF with an initial fire flow of more than 3,000 gallons (11.3 kiloliters) per minute.

These gate-crashing foam trucks totally wrecked the MADE IN HOLLYWOOD Pentagon production.

But not for long. At 10:10, about 30 minutes after the crash and exploding napalm bombs, the explosive charges in the Target Wall were ignited sending some of it crashing down AND fires all around were reignited. Even the smudgepot.

Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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