9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant
German Spy Plot: Trick OBAMA

By Jon Carlson


Updated version: Alien Obama

New investigation: Obama Birth Announcement Forged

GHW Bush Honored For Committment To Germany!

Holbrooke told The Associated Press that Bush, who was president in 1989-93, lobbied for Germany's reunification against the wishes of his counterparts in Britain and France.

The spy plot was to infiltrate the US government UNKNOWN and make changes to every aspect of a Christian middle class America that would destroy the basic foundation the country rests on AND BRING AMERICA'S REPUTATION TO ROCKBOTTOM WORLDWIDE. An FBI agent circa the Bush I administration said 'They are making everything that was illegal legal." That agent said the FBI knows where illegal aliens live but the Bush administration wouldn't let them do anything about it. When asked why Russia and Russians were being dumped on in spite of their role in winning WWII and their similarity to Americans vs. the usual illegal aliens, he said it was government policy. Never passed by Congress, of course. The basic strategy was to destroy Nazi Germany's enemies in WWII, especially Russia, US, and the UK.

9/11 was a KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) operation FOUR TIMES, so simple that even the US Navy couldn't screw it up but they did FOUR TIMES! Four remote controlled aircraft with four napalm bombs strapped to the understructures plus various sundry bombs: two Boeing 737 aircraft hit the towers, NOT the Boeing 767 flights, UA175 and AA11; two A3 Skywarriors departed the aircraft carrier George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11 also loaded with fighter jets that never made it into the air to protect America. One A3 Skywarrior guided by the white Saab Jet seen in all 9/11 locations by the camera and/or witnesses was blown up in Pennsylvania as it headed WEST not East as the fairytale claimed. The other A3 Skywarrior also guided by the white jet smacked a Pentagon wall and dropped to the ground AND a half hour later preplanted explosives brought the wall down.

US Navy helicopters waiting at the South Tower and at the Pentagon took over final guidance from the white jet. The North Tower Boeing 737 was guided completely by the white jet flying in formation right above it.

The big plan was to hide the South Tower helicopter like a BIG MAGIC SHOW in a smoke plume created in minutes from hundreds of barrels of creosote oil located on one North Tower floor. The big problem was the need for a NW wind to blow the smoke plume over the South Tower. When the NW wind weather forecast came on September 6th, Bush made his big decision, thumbs up, and 85 year-old Bush I had to leave his rocking chair to get to DC to manage the standdown of America's defense while Bush II took the usual Situation Room crew to Florida so there would be no witnesses.

The South Tower helicopter waited 59 minutes after the crash before setting off preplanted explosives to bring that tower packed with Americans to the ground and departed to the aircraft carrier. A half hour later the white jet did the same to the North Tower and later in the afternoon did the same to WTC7. The BIG MAGIC SHOWS were all caught by the cameras and witnesses. All of the photographic analysis is in our archive below.

View our articles proving Bush I was in the White House on 9/11 as the White House personnel normally in charge of the Situation Room were taken to Booker School for merely a photo opportunity:

Bush's Dirty Little Secret: 9/11

The 9/11 White House
So Where Was Bush I Anyway?

9/11 was a Keystone Cops mass murder of Americans where everything went wrong while cameras galore were rolling. 9/11 Prime Suspects used Boeing 737 drones with napalm bombs attached to create Hollywood Spectaculars at the South and North Towers. The 9/11 article,

Keystone Cops 9/11: Is She Or Ain't She A Napalm Bomb?

made an open and shut case that one of the napalm bombs exited the South Tower before exploding in an enormous flaming cloud AND only a small component of the flaming clouds at the WTC were fueled by aviation jet fuel.

The 9/11 article,

Keystone Cops 9/11: Hell Has No Fury Like A Napalm Bomb

showed the South Tower Napalm crematory of live victims in the most heinous crime possible in this life, suspected to be compliments of the Bush Administration, the CIA, and the US Navy.

Besides the Napalm bomb exiting the South Tower an engine from alleged Flight UA175 went clean through the South Tower landing on a police car in a NYC street. View our collection of fifteen photos of the street engine:

Keystone Cops 9/11: Fifteen Views Of The ST Fake Flight 175 Engine

An associate of Adolph Hitler and Bush I, Otto Skorzeny (left), was cheated out of large sums of money by 'George Herbert Walker Bush' after both left Germany in WWII, and to get even, Slorzeny told the origins of the 'Bush family' using supporting SIXTY Nazi Germany photos:

Bush's father, 'Prescott Bush', his mother, and Bush I, were captured in a Rare photo (also below) when Bush I was in his teens serving in the German Navy. Read the first installment:

The 9/11 German Connection: Bush I, Born and Trained As A Spy In WWII Germany,
Stood down America's Defense

In the second installment the spotlight turned on Bush I with a collection of later Bush I photos establishing beyond a shadow of doubt that the rare photo was indeed incriminating. Clearly Prescott Bush, Bush I, and Bush II are German Citizens with allegiance to Germany. Presidents are required to be natural born and owe their allegiance to America. In previous articles we established that Bush I was the lonesome 9/11 operator of the Standdown of America's Trillion dollar defense. Bush II had taken normal White House workers to Florida so there would be no witnesses. Even Laura was sent packing to Congress during the standdown.

The 9/11 German Connection:
9/11 Ringleader And Nazi CIA Behind
The Sabotage of America

In the third installment the spotlight turned on Martin Bormann, the No. 2 to Hitler in Nazi Germany, the Scherffs ('Bushes') were exposed as German Jews (Also Google Scherff Jewish), and the proof that Katrina was just another US Navy, CIA, Bush Administration Black Op.

9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant German
Spy Plot Destroying America: KATRINA

The fourth installment answered America's question why 'Barbara Bush' looks so old for her age. Answer: Both 'Bush I' and 'Barbara Bush' are lying about their ages. Photo analysis prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they are about TEN YEARS OLDER THAN CLAIMED. That analysis blows a KINGSIZE hole though their claim that they were native born Americans with an allegiance to America not Germany.

The fifth installment investigated the tragedy, the destruction of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker, NOT under the safety net of the US Navy Coast Guard. Evidence documented proved beyond a shadow of doubt the grounding of the oil tanker was NO ACCIDENT:

9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant
German Spy Plot: Exxon Valdez 9/11

Highlighted in this rare Otto Skorzeny photo are 'Bush I' (George Scherff, Jr.), 'Prescott Bush' (George Scherff), and wife. Circled in red is MARTIN BORMANN, eventual No. 2 to Hitler. Both Bormann and 'Bush I' are dressed in their German Navy outfits. Bush I was about 18 years-old in this photo with Bormann, Otto Skorzeny (far right), and Mengele (rear) in their 20's. This photo was shot circa 1933.

As in War murder is Weapon No. 1. Murder, Fear, Threats, and Bribes keep the GOP pols in line. A number of Democrats were killed in plane crashes. Teddy survived one and never was the same. Hale Boggs, Ron Brown, Wellstone, JFK,Jr. Several blackmailers of the Nixon role in the JFK killing were killed in a similar MOD plane crash, a descending aircraft bomb. The anthrax went only to Democrats. Fort Detrick Scientists Admit Source.

From Hitler to Iraq: How Fascists Took Over America

The Nazis tactics of murder, fear, and threats and oil company bribes of Congress now rule America. Oil companies are the other major component of the Republican party serving as Nazi CIA functionaries as well. When Bush demands it the GOP House members vote 188 to 1 for his proposal. Americans voting for GOP House members are taken for FOOLS!

BUSH, THE GOP, AND THE OIL COMPANIES HAVE ORCHESTRATED THE CURRENT WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL CRISIS even catching the Bushs' home country, Germany, in the whirlwind. Bush I still has a German citizenship according to British Intelligence.


With the infiltration of the CIA the Nazis controlled bogus intelligence and thus controlled major thrusts of the US government. Basic among their tricks was falsification of documents normally used as the basis of decision-making. Thus a slew of foreigners penetrated the OVAL OFFICE. As Bush I and Barbara Bush were born in Germany circa 1915 not in America circa 1925 making them 10 YEARS OLDER than they claim, Bush I was the first foreign President. Bush II, son of German citizens, similarly was a foreigner even though natural born. STRONG EVIDENCE suggests that the CIA creation OBAMA is just another foreigner and not even a US citizen.

The OBAMA story goes that the WHITE 17 year old Ann Dunham who never dated in high school was impregnated by the BLACK Kenyan Obama Senior already a husband of a Kenyan woman and a father resulting in OBAMA WHO DOESN'T RESEMBLE ANYBODY IN FAMILY PHOTOS. Such an impregnation a shocking deed to white Christian Americas and EVEN more shocking if it is just another CIA and OBAMA LIE.

Typical of CIA Identification Theft EVERYONE IS DEAD except OBAMA of course. Dead relatives fake or otherwise tell no tales. Normally it is easy to prove ID Theft as everyone not born in Germany (SEE ABOVE!) has a slew of documents trailing them though their lives. NOT OBAMA. Friends and relatives of principals are missing in action and never interviewed in mainstream media who have supported the OBAMA story in force.

As a sneak preview of this article, THE MISSING DOCUMENTS, PLEASE:

Original, vault copy birth certificate -- Not released
Certificate of Live Birth -- Released -- Forged
Obama/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro adoption records -- Not released
Fransiskus Assisi School School application -- Leaked to support bogus birthdate, just another CIA fake document
Punahou School records -- Not released
Selective Service Registration -- Released -- Counterfeit
Occidental College records -- Not released
Passport (Pakistan) -- Not released
Columbia College records -- Not released
Columbia thesis -- Not released
Harvard College records -- Not released
Harvard Law Review articles -- None (maybe 1, unsigned?)
Baptism certificate -- None
Medical records -- Not released
Illinois State Senate records -- None
Illinois State Senate schedule -- Lost
Law practice client list -- Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None

The handsome All-American Dunham family in the 1950's:

Stanley Dunham with the Hollywood looks had a wife with Hollywood looks (in the old Hollywood of handsome folks!). OBAMA NEED NOT APPLY HERE. Even uglier than Bush I and Bush II!

That photo is the only shot of Stanley Dunham on the Internet without sunglasses. Four Internet photos in all. The below cameros are taken from those photos. These guys with the sunglasses often used to hide identities with ears tight to the head, wide chins, and different hair patterns, seem out of place. Even though the first photo was taken inside a building he still wore sunglasses (to hide his eyes and identity obviously).

This Ann Dunham imposter isn't much taller than the colored kid. Notice the long heavy hair in the fake photos versus the average quality short hair of Ann Dunham in the family and school photos. That is the darkest OBAMA stand-in in our photos.

These Mercer Island High School photos show a TALL Ann Dunham compared to classmates.

This photo is supposed to be the 'Lolo Soetoro family' and Ann Dunham is supposed to be the woman. The kid alleged to be OBAMA resembles 'Lolo Soetoro'. Fairly light skin. Probably a photo grabbed off the Internet for the OBAMA story!

Commonly the CIA darkens photos to hide the identity of people in photos. We lightened the photo to bring out its secrets. No wedding ring is obvious but the beautiful heavy hair is not that of Ann Dunham. NOT the OBAMA ears on a kid with a little nose.

Besides OBAMA's horrible smile, the Dumbo ears are his distinguishing facial feature. His hair is kept short to make him appear of Negroid origin. Probably from THAILAND. Germans have enormous investments in chemical plants in Thailand making it the most polluted country in Asia. Ford manufacturers automobiles for 50 countries in Thailand. The draw is the lack of pollution standards and the big savings to the criminal corporations located there. Many American jobs have been relocated there. A anything goes country that was once a pleasant agricultural society. The Germans Nazis set it up with the Vietnam War. Called pacification! A corporate Hell.

Nazi Germany Spies Hatched The First Family

Alleged papa Obama Senior doesn't match up well AT ALL. Small ears, wide nose, large lips, black skin, protruding brow, light eyebrows. Looks VERY OLD to be a college student!

Obama Senior has a narrower nose and smaller mouth in this photo.

These cameros from alleged Ann Dunham photos on the Internet show three different women. Three different mounts for sure. Three different head shapes, different hairlines, differences whereever you look!

More SUNGLASS PHOTOS. This Ann version is very tall. Stan and Ann and Ann's daughter, Maya, pale beyond belief in the South Pacific sun. Maya has light brown hair even though the later camero shows very dark hair. Looks like just another OBAMA stand-in with a small nose and ears and great hair!

Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro, has named two different Hawaii hospitals where Obama could have been born. In November 2004 she said he was born at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, but in February 2008, she said he was born in the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

This photo is supposed to be grandparents Stan and wife IN THE SUNGLASSES OF COURSE and OBAMA with tight to the head ears, great hair, small nose, and a nice smile BUT IS IT OBAMA who has Dumbo ears, bad hair, wide nose, and a horrible smile? The OBAMA story goes that they travelled 8,000 miles from Hawaii to visit him in New York during his college years. Nobody apparently knew him there as no classmates have come forward!

OBAMA is fighting to the death not to let his vault birth certificate see the light of day for America and the World to see. OBAMA has collected millions of dollars on the (false) premise that he is eligible as a natural born citizen to serve in the Oval Office. To make the DUNHAM story fit in with the OBAMA story, it is claimed OBAMA was born on August 4, 1961. One problem is Ann Dunham was born November 29, 1942. Since Kansas schools use August 31 as the cutoff date for eligibility of entrance, she would be high school CLASS OF 1961 WHICH GRADUATES JUNE, 1961. Unless a miracle occurred the dates along knock out the OBAMA story.


In addition, the OBAMA story has the Lolo Soetoro family enrolling first grader Barry in an Indonesian School in 1968. However his teacher said he was much larger than the other first graders and thus was great at helping her wash the blackboards. The top of blackboards is 7 feet from the floor.

Sounds like he was a couple of years older than the other first graders which places his birthdate in 1959 again totally ruling out the alignment of the OBAMA story with the DUNHAM story. His first grade teacher comments:

"He always helped me clean the blackboard, because he was so tall," says Darmawan.


If OBAMA was born before Hawaii became a state in 1959 he would not be a natural born citizen of the US eligible for the Presidency. Indications are that he was born out-of-wedlock and again even though born in Hawaii if the real mother was a foreigner and the father a US citizen he wouldn't even be a citizen of the US.

The Supreme Court Case, Nguyen v. INS, 533 U.S. 53 (2001), involved a US father unmarried to a Vietnamese woman who supported the son in Texas. In spite of paternity admitted such a claim to citizenship has to be made by the age of 18:

Tuan Anh Nguyen was the Vietnamese-born illegitimate son of an American father (Joseph Boulais) and a Vietnamese mother. Shortly before his 6th birthday, he was brought to the US and was raised by his father.After two felony convictions, Nguyen was judged to be deportable, but he challenged this determination by claiming he had US citizenship via his father. The INS rejected Nguyen's claim to citizenship because the requirements of INA 309(a) [8 USC 1409(a)] had not been satisfied. (Boulais did have a DNA test and obtained a Texas state court ruling identifying him as Nguyen's father, but this did not happen until 1998, well after Nguyen's 18th birthday.)

OBAMA posted a certification of live birth from Hawaii on the Internet that experts have shown to be complete BULLSHIT. Not even a clever forgery, they said!


Lawyer pleads guilty in document forgery  A prison term of two years is expected!

Last month, with Marks' consent, the Virginia State Bar revoked his license to practice law. As part of the plea agreement, Branscom agreed to recommend that Marks serve no more than two years in prison. Branscom said that because Marks has no prior record, forgery convictions would normally result in probation rather than jail time. However, he said, he plans to seek jail time in Marks' case."This is such a unique type of forgery and strikes at the heart of how the legal system works," he said after Thursday's hearing.

The OBAMA story had Barry Soetoro located in Indonesia circa 1968. A miracle occurred and a AP photographer 'discovered' the registration form in an Indonesian primary school. Typical CIA procedure. Forge a school document, steal the original, and replace it, then tip off a reporter of its location. Reporter falls for it and forged document becomes the REAL McCOY. However, usual sloppy CIA document work.

Notice the questions are in the Indonesia dialect YET the English answers stick out like a sore thumb as the entire form should be filled out in the Indonesia dialect. Made to be read by Americans no doubt to provide corroborating evidence of the AUGUST 4, 1961 birthdate. Written in the European format as 4-8-61 while another date on the form is written 1-1-1968. The date 1-1-1968 is claimed to be the date of admission but in Indonesia Jan. 1st. is a public holiday, like New Year's Day. Honolulu, Indonesia, Islam are English words: the Indonesian dialect words would be entirely different. Muslins refer to themselves as Muslims. The English word Islam refers to both Hindu and Muslims. Clearly several different writers have added their touch instead of a single teacher filling out a form. Teachers teach penmanship so they write clearly in their own writing. Looks like some doctors had a crack at it. Many lines are not filled out which is questionable. Barry being school student number 203 is hard to believe. Ballpoint pens were a common school item from the 50's but fountain pens were used to try to make the document look like the real thing. The CIA operates worldwide with America's 700 bases and oil company offices serving as bases of operation.

The main takeaway is this is a CIA effort to imprint OBAMA's bogus birthdate into the mainstream media world of lies and distortions and provide evidence that THE OBAMA-DUNHAM STORIES that fit together.

Naturally the democrats aren't telling on OBAMA'S LIE. Naturally the Mainstream Media who pushed the OBAMA story aren't fessing up. Naturally the Party of 9/11, the GOP, can never tell the truth again.

OBAMA investigator and author-attorney Andy Martin sued the Hawaii keeper of birth certificates and Hawaii's female Jewish GOP governor to get a peek at OBAMA's original birth certificate. (The Nazis love their Jewish and Colored Frontmen.) It could be a birth certificate like we all know that was altered by adoption proceedings or it could be a HAWAII SPECIAL where the parents claim the kid was born in Hawaii to Hawaiian residents or born overseas to similar Hawaiian residents.

As the Party of 9/11, the GOP, has no end to rorting America, the Hawaiian governor did not bring to light that she appointed the judge that heard the case. Alternately the judge should have recused himself from the conflict of interest.

Colored Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court by 9/11 Ringleader Bush I another sleazeball for the Nazis (Add Colin Powell and Condi Rice). He blocked one Natural Born lawsuit. The primary argument being a President has to be natural born in the US. McCain born in Panama, Socialist Workers Party Roger Colera born in Nicaragua, and OBAMA if born outside the US NEED NOT APPLY. If OBAMA was born out of wedlock to a nonUS citizen foreign white woman and a US citizen father, alleged to be Communist writer Frank Marshall Davis, OBAMA would be a citizen of the mother's country.

Obama Fomenting A Constitutional Crisis: Constitutional Lawyer Discusses Ramifications Of Controversy
By John P. Connolly, The Bulletin

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