The 9/11 White House:
So Where Was Bush I Anyway?

By Jon Carlson


The Story goes that Bush I flew into Washington on 9/10 even though Bush II was already off to Florida to set up his 9/11 alibi there. The Story goes that Bush I departed 'in a private aircraft' on 9/11 BEFORE MAIN 9/11 EVENTS for a speech in Minneapolis. Near Milwaukee the Story goes the aircraft carrying a former President was 'forced' to land in Milwaukee. The Story goes that Bush I 'heard' about '9/11 events' while he was aboard the private aircraft. SINCE '9/11 EVENTS' STARTED AT 6 PM WISCONSIN TIME BUSH I'S 9/11 ALIBI WAS JUST ANOTHER BUSH LIE! View our analysis in the article:

The 9/11 Keystone Cops Crime
The Missing Bush I Alibi

9/11 was triggered on 9/6 when the necessary NW wind was forecast 5 days out on 9/11. The NW wind was needed to blow the North Tower SMOKE PLUME over the South Tower. The smoke plume was ignited by remote control. One floor was loaded with barrels of smudge oil to create INSTANT SMOKE.

There was a 17 minute window between crashes so timing had to be precise. JUST AFTER THE NORTH TOWER CRASH, the US Navy inserted a CONTROL STATION HELICOPTER over the SOUTH TOWER. The helicopter came from the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island.

This photo has the US Navy helicopter (yellow circle) finishing that trip:

The helicopter had TWO componets to its mission: 1) Take control of the drone from the White Jet seen in all 9/11 locations for the final guidance into the South Tower; 2) wait 59 minutes before igniting by radio signal the demolition of the South Tower, then return to the aircraft carrier..

A half hour later the White Jet remotely ignited the demolition of the North Tower. This photo catches the WHITE JET making its flyby as the North Tower is demolished. See the complete photo sequence of the North Tower demolition.

For the story of politicians galore running for cover View:

The 9/11 Nutshell Timeline

Clinton and Gore left for faraway places.

At least it is established that Bush I stayed at the White House on 9/11 probably in The Lincoln Bedroom (which Lincoln never slept in) that Bush I made infamous by allowing big contributors a free night on the US taxpayers:

In 1997, the Washington Post did a piece about President George H. W. Bush’s overnight guests.
BALZ AND BABCOCK: Comedian Bob Hope, tennis player Andre Agassi, singers Lee Greenwood and Crystal Gayle and baseball great Ted Williams spent the night at the White House during President George Bush’s four years in office...
The Bush guest list includes at least seven "friends" who also donated $100,000 or more to the Republican National Committee during the 1988 campaign or during his administration…
Several others gave significant amounts of money to the party but were not in the $100,000 category. They included: KEN LAY of the Enron Corp.; Richard Rainwater, a Fort Worth investor; Perry Bass of Fort Worth; and Donald Hall of Hallmark Cards

The Lincoln Bedroom is located on the second floor of the main White House (highlighted in GOLD):


This layout of the White House buildings shows the SITUATION ROOM in the lower left corner (WEST) and an old bomb shelter, the PEOC, to the far right (EAST). On 9/11 Bush II took all normal Situation Room personnel to Florida leaving it VACANT. Normally crisis situations are monitored there. HOWEVER, on 9/11 the old bomb shelter was used! In an essence there were no witnesses in the Situation Room.

America's trillion dollar air defense was stood down for an hour and a half while the WHITE JET, two NYC Boeing 737 drones, and two A3 Skywarrior drones flew hither and yon through US skies. One A3 hit the Pentagon and the other A3 was blown up over Pennsylvania by the WHITE JET.

The White House Situation Room is a 5,000 square foot conference and intelligence management center in the basement of the West Wing of the White House. It is run by the National Security Council staff for the use of the President of the United States and his advisers (including Homeland Security and the White House chief of staff) to monitor and deal with crises at home and abroad and to conduct secure communications with outside (often overseas) persons. The Situation Room is equipped with secure, advanced communications equipment for the President to maintain command and control of U.S. forces around the world.

A typical Situation Room meeting:

Strange than that the hub of activity at the White House on 9/11 was claimed to be in the PEOC, a relic bomb shelter of the 'Cold War' when US politicians constantly were telling Americans, The Russians were coming, The Russians were coming. build your own bomb shelter. This photo shows Cheney and Condi in the PEOC on 9/11.

Obviously these people are not witnesses to what was transpiring in the Situation Room. Did Bush I stand down America's multi-trillion dollar defense built to defend the US against foreign enemies BUT highly vulnerable to Nazi traitors and murderers inside the Federal government?

Heading to Florida on 9/10 were more nonwitnesses of what transpired in the Situation Room during main '9/11 events'. Which of them was 'in on the plot' beside Bush II? Especially notice that the manager of the Situation Room wasn't even in the Situation Room on 9/11 but at Booker School. Why would Karl Rove be far from the Situation Room, his usual beat?


Since Bush supposedly was at Booker School to push his 'education program', it would seem his former schoolteacher wife should have accompanied him. So many USUAL Situation Room witnesses faraway on 9/11.


The Washington Post cites 9:48 a.m. as the time the Capitol and West Wing of the White House were evacuated in a propaganda timeline that would have made old Russia proud:

Dan Rardon of Indiana sent a CNN video exposing the white jet presence over the White House environs as well as in Pennsylvania and NYC (three times). The online transcripts for the CNN broadcast are found at: Advance the 01 in the url to get later transcripts.
Here is what CNN reports about the white jet sighting in DC:

About 10 minutes ago, there was a white jet circling overhead. Now, you generally don't see planes in the area over the White House. That is restricted air space. No reason to believe that this jet was there for any nefarious purposes, but the Secret Service was very concerned, pointing up at the jet in the sky.
It is out of sight now, best we can tell. They've evacuated the entire White House staff and the old executive office, as well as some townhouses that are government offices.

"About a half hour ago, the Capitol building itself was evacuated. It was a little bit chaotic. Everyone was running out of the building. People ran a couple of blocks away. Now have been pushed back by security. We're within two blocks of the Capitol. I did see a plane, about a half hour ago, circling over the Capitol. Now whether that may have been a Air Force plane, it's unclear. But that seemed to be the reason, according to security guards that I talked with, towards the evacuation of the Capitol."

8:45 North Tower airliner chase plane (formation flying above the NT airliner)
9:02 South Tower flyby after bringing ST airliner to Manhattan Island, then 206 miles to Washington, just 20 minutes at 600 mph but it can fly faster
9:40 Pentagon airliner chase plane, then 126 miles to Shanksville. Only 12 minutes for trip
10:06 Pennsylvania airliner crash seen by 12 witnesses, then 264 miles to NYC. 26 minutes or less for that trip
10:35 North Tower demolition

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