Stanley Ann Dunham handwriting samples


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'Max' refers to Maxine Box, high school best friend of 'Stannie' Dunham.,29307,1834628_1754185,00.html

Small samples below are signatures from alleged Soetoro and Obama divorce papers.

Stanley Dunham left a playful note in Sue Carls' (now Stubbs) yearbook, teasing her for her crush on a Mercer Island coach. "Dear Sue, Remember Micki and Little Richard. Hope you and Cipriano live happily ever after. I know you love him so much. I love you too. Well (unintelligible), Stanley"


This is the picture perfect Social Security Application of Stanley Ann Dunham. This Dunham signature is THE STANDARD.

The 1961 Royal manual typewriter required use of the small L for No. 1 as there was no 1 key. All of the small l's in the Soetoro divorce papers were similar to the left small L below. The right small L has a squared flag that is longer and it has poor alignment.

Royal Manual typewriter typefaces

The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 32
Dunham Signatures Avenge Obama Father Lies




Legitimate documents of Barrack Obama, alleged Black father of Barack Obama, have two prominant characteristics:

1) The correct spelling of his name is with the double RR: BARRACK.
2) His correct birthdate is June 18, 1934.

Any documents of Obama,Sr. or Barrack Obama, his correct name, without Barrack with the double R and the June 18, 1934 birthdate are FORGERIES.

Before a foreigner can enroll in an American university they must qualify for a Certificate of Eligibility. Two Certificates have been discovered with the correct spelling of Barrack and the June 18, 1934 birthdate but they have been altered. The location and university name have been altered.


The 1960 Certificate of Eligibility

Notice the large typewriter font for the location, college and the little letter typed on a slant below. The space is for Conditions of Admission and the letter is unrelated and shouldn't be there.

That large font typewriter, a Royal standard manual Pica font circa 1961, was used in all of the Obama forged, alterated, and substituted documents. Should be Honolulu, Oahu. Should be University of Hawaii.

The 1961 Certificate of Eligibility

Similar flaws. Honolulu 14, Hawaii instead of Honolulu, Oahu. THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII instead of University of Hawaii. The small font written items seem legitimate, including the Barrack and the birthdate. However the paragraph in the space for Conditions of Admission is unrelated so shouldn't be there.

The 1959 Certificate of Eligibility is FORGED.

A computer font for the paragraph and a typewriter font. Incompete birthdate, wrong Barrack spelling. The FBI classifies records first by name and second by birthdate.


The 1962 Certificate of Eligibility is FORGED.

Wrong spelling of Barrack, incorrect birthdate.


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First Legitimate Obama Document Discovered