The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 26
Stop Calling Obama A Nigger, He's An Asian

By Jon Carlson

With the exposure of the fraudalent insertions in the Hawaii BIRTH INDEX
and the claimed Hawaii Newspapers' Obama Birth Announcements, and the lack of family photos of claimed Obama sister, Maya Soetoro, the Hawaii Obama Story has bit the dust:

Time to Close the Obama US Birth Coffin

Obama Birth Announcement Forged

Also consider that claimed Caucasian mother Stanley Anne Dunham is still alive according to at age 68 in spite of being killed off in the Obama Story at age 52 of either Ovarian or Breast Cancer depending if you talk to Michelle or alleged sister Maya Soetoro whom similarly have a problem getting their stories straight on the name of the Hawaii hospital of the Obama birth.

If nothing else SIMPLE ARITHMETIC blasts the Obama Story to Kingdom Come. All of the forged and altered Obama documents have in common a fictitious birthdate of August 4, 1961 even though with Obama's scads of wrinkles he clearly is around age 60.

Stanley Anne was born Nov. 29, 1942 and the August 4, 1961 birthdate required a November, 1960 conception making her age 17. In addtion, Kansas where she was born has a school attendance cutoff date of August so those born after August attend later making her Class of 1961 which graduates June 1961. All Americans are familiar with the school attendance cutoff dates of their states as that is the date they are allowed to enroll their children. Apparently Nazi Germany has a different procedure so the writer(s) of the Obama Story are more than fools.

Most Americans are unfamiliar with physical characteristics of Asians and Blacks so when the Nazis inserted an Asian and called him half-Black or, at least, he isn't all Black, Americans fell for the Obama Story hook, line, and sinker. With criminals in Hawaii claiming a few days before the 2008 election that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii but, heck, they can't find his birth certificate, the Nazi-controlled media portrayed Obama as the first Black President. The Nazis even concocted a First Family with Dog. A closer look finds claimed offspring have no resemblance to the claimed parents. As Asians consider themselves superior to the Black race, it is an Odd Couple indeed.

Nazi Germany Spies Hatched The First Family

So it is fair in Nazi America to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Obama is ASIAN.

Feature Obama (Asian) Negroid
Hair Heavy, straight, cut short to imitate a Negro Kinky, various lengths
Ears Dumbo, stick out, bulb on bottom Tight to head, small, no bulbs
Nose Normal width, bulb on bottom Wide at base, no bulb on bottom
Eyebrows Very heavy Sparse
Eyelashes Absent, Oriental, stanted Normal
Lips Purple, normal size Reddish, prominant
Hairline Straight across forehead Round at forehead
Complexion Light Various shades to dark
eye size Small Prominant
Forehead Small Prominant
Buttlocks Minimal Prominant


NO Eyelashes


Thick Eyebrows


Dumbo Ears


A Shaved Hairline


White Complexion


Nonexisent Buttlocks


Small Eye Size


Purple Lip color, small lips size


Hair length cut short to hide Thai hair and to imitate a Black haircut. Two early photos before the Black makeover!


Small Forehead


Normal size Nose with prominant bulb


Thailand Obamas
Thailand has at least two Obama lookalikes while America has none.

The Thailand Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, (right below) looks like an fellow countryman, big ears, same complexion, same no sideburn haircut but he allows his hair to grow as he is not imitating an American Black. The same purple lips!

The Thai have a special handshake and Obama has it down pat without looking showing that he has had a lot of practice. Especially notice how Obama always holds his head back like he is looking down his nose, some kind of 'Regal Bearing'. Almost all of the Obama photos have flags in the background. One photo has a Abe Lincoln statute. The Hitler Nazis were big on pagentry, parades, and waving flags, and Bush II always had a bunch of, would you believe, American Flags behind him.

Now aren't these guys best buddies? Really too familar for country leaders.

Is this guy familar?
Thailand even has an Obama Lookalike as their octogenarian King. King Bhumibol Adulyadej only has four offspring with some blank years thrown in. With Obama projected circa age 60 is his real name Prince Bhumibol? The Thai king is the richest royal in the world at $36 billion with a B, according to Forbes magazine.

This article has a photo of the King and Bush I:

Is Obama a Thai Buddhist President?


The Nazi Plan is to destroy America's Allies from WWII by infiltrating Nazi German Spies into top governmental positions. So far only China have kept them at a distance. Germany is a shitty little country, smaller than Montana, that has caused all of the trouble in the world for the last 100 years, America's No. 1 enemy. Blue-eyed and blond (dyed and gray-haired, bald) gives them away. Arrogant beyond belief. They don't have a clue to American manners and etiquette. However, their real Achilles Heel is their poor English speaking ability. We exposed a bunch with the following webpage so bone up on it now. The KISS method of ferreting out foreigners. All with missing real genealogies. Fake photos are in abundance.

Clinton Just Another Nazi Spy

LEARN HOW TO FERRET OUT BROKEN ENGLISH SPEAKING FOREIGNERS. They speak English at the Fifth grade level with no complex sentences. Often just phrases but usually phrases connected by ANDs, and BUTs. This is a complex sentence:

Because America is in deep trouble, we are spending time ferreting out the foreigners in the Federal government.

Google a transcript of any of the following ( for example, Bernanke transcript) and Ferret out a foreigner. Most clearly are German born but Obama being an Asian is believed to have been born in Thailand.

The Nazis have taken over control of the media so look for them there. We are talking a bunch of illegal aliens from Germany (and Thailand) ruling and destroying America and the World!

GHW Bush B Bush B Clinton H Clinton B Obama
John Howard (Aus.) W Buffet Alex Jones R Murdoch T Blair (UK)
P Volcker Bernanke Greenspan K Rove J Roberts
Hamburg (FDA) J Boehner N Pelosi J Kerry GW Bush
T Geithner (Treasury) R Mueller B O'Reilly G Beck E Cantor


The Iraq War may have been a big promotion for Germany. They proclaimed Germany against the war, THE GOOD GUYS, while their agents carried it out using US men, materiel, and funds WHILE accepting billions with a B to use their claimed superior to the US doctors and hospitals to care for US injured and malmed as they are such humanitarians. Heck, the US is killing our Ahab friends with all the Middle East OIL that we covet. The Hitler Nazis befriended the Ahabs in the same way. Iraq was a German ally in WWII. They hated the British. So was Thailand! Was setting up Thailand as a Germany industrial base in Asian the real reason for the Vietnam War?

Just for practice figure out how Germany is so pro-Jewish and pro-Israel while her US agents are destroying Israel even claiming that Israel runs the US government instead of the Nazis. They say 9/11 was perpetrated by Arabs and/or Jews instead of the Nazis! FDR had a policy of neutrality toward the Arabs and NO Israel. With the combination of Nazi intelligence with US intelligence after WWII by John Foster Dulles and his brother, both German agents, America has been on a slippery slope ever since. Haberdasher Truman proclaimed foreign policy something for 'the experts' to decide. Experts Dulles brothers and the Nazis started with the intel combo, Israel, and the Korean War.

School teacher LBJ was another of their victims with the hocus pocus of the Vietnam War. These wars were waged to get Nazi friendly GOP administrations into the White House. JFK was similarly conned into the Bay of Pigs fiasco by the Nazis BUT JFK wised up and proclaimed that he would shatter the Nazis to the winds. The Nazis killed him. His brother RJK ran for President in 1968 on a platform Stop the Vietnam War. The Nazis killed him and Nazi hunchman Nixon who said he had a plan to stop the Vietnam War had clear sailing to the White House. Ford finally pulled out all troops after 54, 000 Americans were killed. Eisenhower in 1952 also said he had a plan to stop the Korean War. American troops still in Korea for what purpose only the Nazis know. Eisenhower had two heart attacks during the IKE administration and proved military Presidents are a bad idea.

Eisenhower had John Foster Dulles as his foreign policy 'expert' and actually was responsible for naming the Dulles Airport. Dulles' brother was CIA head through the JFK administration. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg proclaimed the Dulles brothers TRAITORS for what they had done! The Nixon administration had so many Nazis that it was called The Berlin Wall. A couple served jail terms, Erlichman and Halderman.

Your best source for watching Germany DOUBLE-DEALING:

The Nazis' barriers to US firms doing business in Iran has upped German business in Iran while hurting US firms. Get the Picture?

Germany, Iran Still Major Trading Partners, Despite Sanctions

Google has 1,600,000 entries for Obama nigger and most are wrong. It is important that American Blacks dissociate themselves from Atomic Obama as he is a Nazi Hoax to discredit America and the Negroid people of America with their many achievements for America.. They are not covering up his Asian origins but merely read the white Nazi press that runs away when the four letter word, Nazi, is mentioned.


DON'T MISS more photos and analysis on 9/11, the Nazis in the White House, and fake black alien Obama:

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Stop Calling Obama A Nigger, He's An Asian


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