The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 21
Clinton Just Another Nazi Spy

By Jon Carlson


It is easy to tell a foreign Nazi spy who claims African ancestry and is clearly pure Asian, a Thailand Buddhist, such as 'Obama' from photo comparison studies only. The thick black straight hair cut short to imitate a Negro, the Asian no-rearend vs. Black protruding rearends, Dumbo Thai ears vs. small Negroid ears, and all the different physical characteristics of the two races. Clearly he is closer to age 60 than the age 49 alleged in The Obama Story.

How Old Is Obama?

Is Obama a Thai Buddhist President?

Hawaii Lies Made A President

The Case for an Atomic Bomb in the Gulf

Distinguishing a Nazi Germany born spy from a true blooded American Caucasian begins there also. So all is fair to compare Clinton to a true blooded Nazi German scientist Wernher Von Braun given credit for America's first space shot in spite of reports that he picked the brains of others and had no original thoughts on rocketry. As a avid Nazi he fits right in. When Russia was running over Germany to end WWII in Europe, he and his fellow rocket scientists drove all night to reach America lines. Russia has no use for Nazis. Von Braun worked on the rockets that killed civilians in London.

Not having been raised with Dear Abby, Ann Landers, and strict schoolteachers enforcing rigid ethic and etiquette standards, foreigners don't have a clue when dealing with most social, business, and government situations.

On 9/14 the Nazis took the 9/11 MASS MURDER to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Not a place for gaiety but here Bush I congraulates Bush II on the coverup progress. Note Al Gore in the upper left hand corner and of course the Bushes (German name Scherf) and the Clintons (German name unknown) taking the front pew. Clinton looks very tired having returned from Australia to set up his 9/11 alibi. Gore did the same going instead to Austria. Bush I and his wife look well rested apparently not have taken a quickie plane trip to Wisconsin during 9/11 events as they claimed and then home to Texas. We are talking a stay at the White House from 9/10.

Clinton, Gore Could've Been 9/11 Heros

Bush I's 9/11 Story Was Impossible.

This photo catches the foreigners placing their right hand somewhere on their chests during the National Anthem. The True Americans stand at attention the American Way.

They are back: America's motley bunch of Presidents come together for the service of America's actor president. Only one stateman in the bunch with a wife to match, Jimmy Carter. The rest can forget about passing Judgment Day. Some the Devil won't take so they will live on forever in broken down bodies. The old Bushes are 89 in this photo-op not 79 as in The Bush Story.

Bush Ages Nix US Genealogy Claims


THE BIG PUZZLE OF 9/11 is why didn't the Democrats make hay out of the NAZI GOP role in 9/11?

The Nazi GOP could have been wiped out and rightfully so with the remaining good guys setting an agenda to rid the Federal government of Nazis, banning German investment in America, and setting America back on its path to glory. Some people, thinking Clinton wasn't all bad, actually told him that 9/11 was an inside job and to do something about it. He got very mad with them. Fellow Dems asked Gore what should be done about 9/11 and he said DO NOTHING. These photos give the reason. Bushes and Clintons and puppet Obama are birds of a feather, all Nazis:

Pelosi is also one of them representing Nazi Germany and the pack of Nazis out of San Francisco, such as Reagan supporters:

Come back to the TRANSCRIPT of Rachel Maddow interviewing Pelosi after you understand our method on how to ferret out foreigners by their hacking of the English language mainly by only using simple sentences and phrases connected with ANDs and BUTs.

During the Bush I administration we were perplexed why Bush I was always doing the opposite of what we thought was good for America just like Obama is doing now. Of course now we know that Bush was working for Germany and Obama is a puppet from Thailand installed by the Nazis with the triumvalate of Bush I, Bush II, and Jeb Bush pulling the strings for the benefit of Germany. The plan is to have Obama screw up the country so badly that Jeb Bush can walk into the White House in 2012.

With the election of Clinton we hoped that a fair Iraq foreign policy would be imposed and the criminality of the Bush administration would be prosecuted. Within three months the Nazis had cooked up a fake Bush I assassination in Kuwaiti with Iraq the culprit. Clinton ordered 23 million dollar rockets shot into Baghdad killing innnocent people. Any hope of a change in Iraq policy went down the drain. If you think this creature has a soul read the Paula Jones COMPLAINT (XXX-rated) and the Interview of attorney Kathleen Willey who Clinton sexually assaulted. She said Clinton's wife has been protecting his activities with women for 30 years. Further reading: The Clinton Body Count lists lot of people associated with Clinton met early deaths.

Bush Sr 1993 Assassination Attempt Never Happened
By Wayne Madsen

America to a fault protects the females with statures galore favoring the women so that males are an endangered species, many trapped in loveless marriages, eternal damnation. Lucky is the single man in America. The point is Clinton is not the typical American gentleman protecting the women. It is reported that Clinton has been fixed like a Junkyard dog by the Nazis so he couldn't be brought down like John Edwards. In fact, some reports claim his wife has serious female friends in preference to him. Certainly these photos are puzzling in that regard:

It is little known that abnormal woman consider loving acts such as mouth kissing, especially deep kissing, and sexual behavior between loving couples as repulsive and sinful. Thus this photo of the 'Clinton family' is similar to the Obama First Bunch where the offspring don't resemble alleged parents:

Nazi Germany Spies Hatched The First Family

This photo of another alleged American Clinton family is clearly a composite. Each facial feature is different. The right figure is supposed to be half-brother Roger Clinton. Check out an adult Roger Clinton in the right photo.

A TIME MAGAZINE writer found the principals in Clinton's childhood couldn't keep their stories straight, especially involving court dispostions! Clinton's alleged father was married 4 or 5 times and his alleged mother was married 4 times. Army records had him in Italy 9 months before the alleged birth. Nazi writers worked overtime making the claim that Clinton was related to Thomas Jefferson via a black slave relationship. More Nobody looks like Clinton.

Although English is the easiest language to learn with its simple verb structure, foreigners are left in left field with the idioms, colloquisms, slang, and numerous definitions of single words according to their surrounding words.

During an International Crisis Group NYC event 20 years after the 'fall of the Berlin Wall' honoring Clinton and Bush I, daughter-in-law Laura stood in for him. Words from Clinton follow. Notice the other problem foreigners have which Americans would never do, call a father-in-law a grandfather. LOVE is not used for a liked male non-relative. Also, it's L-a-u-r-a.

The Nazis Do Katrina

In the first Presidential debate in 1992 (TRANSCRIPT)True American Ross Perot hit home with Americans and defeated foreigners Bush I and Clinton coming and going. The transcript of the debate catches both Bush and Clinton with their limited English vocabulary and use of the English language. Clinton doesn't use complex sentence structure but all simple sentences and phrases tied together mainly with AND. Perot scored on the Japs and Nazis:

Ross Perot:
Right now we spend about $300 billion a year on defense. The Japanese spend around $30 billion in Asia. The Germans spend around $30 billion in Europe. For example, Germany will spend a trillion dollars building infrastructure over the next 10 years. It's kind of easy to do if you only have to pick up a $30 billion tab to defend your country.

The Obama-Clinton debate TRANSCRIPT during the 2008 Presidential campaign shows two foreigners speaking the foreigner way with no complex sentences, just phrases and simple sentences running together to make long 'sentences'. The need to limit a paragraph to a single concept or idea is totally absent.

This transcript snip mentions Obama's promise to change Bush policies! Notice the horrible sentence structure and word usage, such as 'people's economic status'. Not 'further behind' but 'further and further behind'. The verb tense changing in the second sentence, 'have seen' & 'are'. Mentions Bush policies and then foreign policy being separate. Starting a sentence with 'so'.

Obama is using Senator to address Clinton and himself, such as Senator Obama's supporters. Clinton uses Barack when referring to Obama which is improper. Both use Charlie when addressing Charles Gibson. Foreigners can't handle America's use of nicknames.

More Obama:

Alaskan Govenor Sarah Palin had more administrative experience than the rest of the 2008 candidates combined and clearly she can outtalk them all. The Sarah Palin-Joe Biden VP debate transcript brings it home. This is a Made in the USA woman fully capable of running the Nazis back to Germany.

Foreigners have difficulty with people thinking they actually mean the opposite of their spoken words. Americans commonly read 'between the lines' for actual meaning. In an Larry King interview (TRANSCRIPT) with the Bushes Barbara Bush provides an example:

Bush I provides another example when he LOVES Larry King and is really saying that King is an easy interview:

The complete use of simple sentences and phrases in this transcript supports the test of foreigners speech. Of interest, Bush I calls his wife Bar instead of the usual nickname Barb and the usage of LOVE is incorrect.

Foreigners also have a problem learning the complicated rules of etiquette of America. Prior to the 2000 election Clinton phoned radio host Amy Goodman on-air claiming to want to promote the Presidency of Al Gore. The transcript provides evidence that Clinton hurt Gore in many ways maybe actually wanting the Nazi Bush II to continue the Nazi destruction of America. He blasted the popular Amy for asking combative questions and being disrespectful to him! A must read. Notice in this transcript snip Clinton's use of simple sentences and poor sentence structure:

The 2008 election was all about keeping the Clintons out of the White House. The Nazis had Thai Buddhist Obama waiting in the wings to continue their destruction of America as a Bush Puppet. A Rassmussen Poll found America feared more destruction of the US if the Clintons prevailed:

Americans are in awe of the Presidency holding the position up high with undue respect for holders of the office. When Nazis influence the current holder or actually get into the Presidency they shred the institution respectability to bits. Nixon wasn't a Nazi but he had a Berlin Wall of Germans around him telling him what to do and when the old media caught up with him the Nazis threw him to the wind.

Clinton proclaims a day for Nazi Germans in America (source):



Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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