The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 9
Clinton, Gore Could've Been 9/11 Heros

By Jon Carlson


I believe we should focus our efforts first and foremost against those who attacked us on September 11th and who have thus far gotten away with it. The vast majority of those who sponsored, planned and implemented the cold-blooded murder of more than 3,000 Americans are still at large, still neither located nor apprehended, much less punished and neutralized.
Former Vice-President Al Gore September 23, 2002

The most treasonous mass murder in American History, 9/11, was a simple affair operationally. IN A NUTSHELL, dump four scheduled airliners with passengers into the Atlantic Ocean and replace them with drones each laden with FOUR napalm bombs and use a WHITE JET as Show Director and two US Navy helicopters and the WHITE JET to guide them into their targets and set off preplanted demolition charges to bring the 'Targets' (and other NYC buildings, seven in all) to the ground.

The tricky part for the Nazis in the Bush Administration, the CIA, and the US Navy was to escape blame. At the next operational level it was all supposed to be a big Magic Show. Now you see it, now you don't. You can't just put a US Navy helicopter over the South Tower in bright daylight to perpetrate that phase of 9/11. Their solution was to hit the North Tower first using the White Jet flying in formation above the drone. That was quick and unexpected so nobody would have cameras out to capture it, they thought. WHAM, BAM. Wrong, a camera (of two cameras on the record) caught the formation flying:

The camera caught the NAPALM BOMBS for the HOLLYWOOD special effects expanding 200 feet by 400 feet:

No worries, the Nazi owned websites will never mention 'errors of 9/11'. The Nazis planned to put smoke over the South Tower to hide the US Navy helicopter while it guided another drone into that tower. Smoke and mirrors. So far, Simple as making Pie. Just wait for a NW wind day to blow a smoke plume from the North Tower over the South Tower. Making smoke is simple: just put barrels of cerosote oil on a North Tower floor and ignite them when that crash occurs.

In 2001 the only NW wind days from June 1st to Nov. 1st were 6/16, 8/13, 9/11, 10/8, and 10/17.

Weather forecasts are fairly accurate for FIVE DAYS OUT. The Needed for 9/11 NW wind day was forecast on September 6th. TRIGGER DAY for 9/11 was September 6th. Pull out all stops. If you are involved get into position OR get your alibi set up!

A Melbourne, Australia newspaper reported on September 8, 2001 that Nazi CIA employee Bill Clinton was making a surprise visit without his entourage and wife and daughter! That would be September 7, 2001 as Australia is one day ahead of the US timewise. Usual Australian pols have no plans to meet the article said. He has never been in Australia before and that is the worst time of the year to visit Melbourne. With seasons reversed from the US that would be late Winter!

Looks like the Nazis gave Clinton the word that 9/11 was coming down. Instead of stopping it in its tracks he ran and hid in Australia. He had a chance to make up for his decrepit presidency by becoming a 9/11 HERO. No way, he kept up his usual ways and became a 9/11 COWARD.

WHAT ABOUT AL GORE? Surely he wouldn't be told 9/11 was coming down. A Nazi propagandist actually out front pushing the Nazi agenda and explaining away the Nazis' destruction of America.

Al Gore also was 'out of town' on 9/11. IN AUSTRIA OF ALL PLACES for the Conference for Internet and Technology Austria. Just like Clinton he travelled light for quick travel without family, friends, and the US press. Austria is beautiful in September so travelling there by his lonesome is a downer for America.

Looks like when Gore heard 9/11 was coming down he and Clinton looked for places to hide far away from the smoke and mirrors to set up their 9/11 Story (Alibi). Personal comfort, personal safety, screw Americans, just get out of the country. Going to Austria for a meeting of ISP owners takes the cake. Anything for an alibi!

Without even showing up he canceled his appearance and said he was returning to the US as the reason. With flights to the US closed for days after 9/11 he could have gone to the conference. Missing in action like when he was Vice-President and ever since.

After Gore returned to the US he immediately headed to Clinton's house for a meetup. Both are guilty of Misprision of Treason. They knew Treason was going to be committed on 9/11 AND they knew Treason was committed on 9/11 BUT DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. Clinton even denigrates people trying to bring out the Truth of 9/11 being another NAZI PLOT Against America.

Recently Clinton denigrated American citizens showing that Obama was another Nazi trick on America, an ASIAN RINGER, NOT ONE BIT BLACK. (See our article exposing Obama at the bottom of the page.) Indeed the Clintons and Gore are NAZI PROPAGANDISTS for the Nazi Germany agenda of a GREATER GERMANY wrecking America, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, China, and other WWII Allies. Gore was right at home in Austria. Austria is infestested with Nazis and will become part of Greater Germany with Kosovo, northern Italy, etc.

On the Larry King Show (June 13, 2006) Gore got a chance to use his 9/11 Story CONFIRMING that Gore and Clinton travelled without their wives when setting up their 9/11 Stories:

GORE: Well, the evidence available showed very clearly that we had been attacked on September 11, 2001 by Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaida terrorist organization. And I applauded President Bush's decision to go into Afghanistan to go after Bin Laden. I thought that was correct.

KING: Where were you on 9/11?

GORE: I was in Europe. And I was about to make a speech on the future of the Internet in Vienna, Austria. And I walked into my hotel room before going down to the conference hall and had CNN on as I always do when I'm traveling or -- I'm not pandering to you. It's just a fact. A lot of people, Americans, always have it on. And the first plane had hit. And the second one was -- I guess it was only a few minutes after I turned it on that the second one came. I knew right away.

KING: Did you try to get back home right away?

GORE: Yes, I did. And they closed the air space. And it took a couple of days. And I finally said, get me anywhere in North America and I'll do the rest. I got to Canada and rented a car and started driving south to the memorial service, and President Bush had sent an invitation to be there.

And I was going to drive all night long and Bill Clinton called me on my cell phone, returning a call that I had made to him from Europe, and he said, "Hey, why don't you stop by the house in Chappaqua?" And I got there at 3:00 in the morning, and we talked until dawn and then got on the plane that they had sent for him to go down.

KING: Were your wives with you?

GORE: No. They rendezvoused with us at the National Cathedral in Washington for the service.


There are some 35 videos of the South Tower crash many showing the unmarked US Navy helicopter operating in, above, below, and without the smoke plume. That was supposed to be a camouflage paint job!

The US Navy helicopter hung around 59 minutes, then set up the preplanted demolition charges in the South Tower, and returned to the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11 with a shipful of attack jets never responding even ONCE to America's call. Nazi Bush I was in the White House keeping aircraft on the ground for an hour and a half during 9/11 main events.

This photo shows the US Navy helicopter returning to the aircraft carrier USS George Washington as the South Tower goes to the groung:

This photo shows the WHITE JET making a shadow (black circle) on the North Tower the same size as itself (yellow circle)--35 feet wingspan and length. The side of the North Tower is 208 feet in width. The WHITE JET brought the drone to Manhattan Island and the US Navy helicopter hiding in the smoke plume at the time of the crash made the final guidance into the South Tower. The White Jet wasn't needed at the South Tower as its only function was to take over drone guidance IF IT HAD MISSED THE SOUTH TOWER.

A bunch of videos caught the WHITE JET making vapor trails throughout the skies of 9/11.


One of the South Tower drone's four NAPALM BOMBS went clean through a South Tower working space of Americans and out the rear wall before exploding in a 400 foot flamming cloud. It may have blackened the WHITE JET in this photo as the Nazis didn't plan on the napalm bomb going through the South Tower structure.

The WHITE JET was caught by the camera in DC, three times in NYC, and several witnesses described it in such detail in Pennsylvania that a positive identification was made. Notice another WHITE JET flyby as the North Tower goes to the ground in this photo:

The WHITE JET normally is the mainstay of the Austrian and Swedish Air Forces. With about a 35 foot wingspan and body length, it held the pilot and an operator pushing the buttons of 9/11 by radio control. MORE Saab 105 information The aircraft carrier USS George Washington served as base of operations for the WHITE JET, two US Navy helicopters (South Tower, Pentagon), and two A3 Skywarriors, one of which hit the Pentagon and the other was blown up by the WHITE JET over Pennsylvania. Witnesses said the Pennsylvania drone was heading WEST. The Nazis claimed it was heading for the Nazi White House!

The Nazis said the A3 Skywarrior that hit the Pentagon went through 3 rings of the Pentagon. Actually at only 60,000 pounds the carrier-capable A3 Skywarrior hit the Pentagon 3 foot thick walls like a bug hitting a windshield. This photo shows the wreckage far left behind the truck. Later a specially prepared section of the wall was dropped on top of the wreckage using demolition charges. Notice the smudge pot in the background which in this instance was supposed to make it appear that the CONCRETE MASONRY PENTAGON WAS ABLAZE. It was a tank of cerosote oil ignited by radio control like everything else on 9/11. The cameras caught everything however. IT WAS GERMANY NAZIS BRINGING WWII TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The Pentagon US Navy helicopter is circled in this photo making final guidance of the A3 Skywarrior at the Pentagon THREE FOOT THICK WALL before dropping to the ground. The napalm bombs went off in force at the Pentagon. Witnesses said a WHITE JET followed the A3 Skywarrior.


Further corroboration that 9/6 was the trigger date for 9/11 was the 9/6 insider selling of airlines and some 28 stocks in all betting that they would collapse from 9/11:


Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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