The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 32
Dunham Signatures Avenge Obama Father Lies

By Jon Carlson

There are no legal documents supporting the claim Obama had a Kenya father and a White mother. Former 2008 Hawaii Elections chief TIM ADAMS has the Final Word on the Hawaii Obama birth cerificate or lack thereof:

“What do people in Hawaii say about Obama’s birth certificate?” someone asked.

“There isn’t one” Adams answered.

“What? You mean you think that President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?”

Adams stuck to what he knew. “There is no hospital record of his birth in Honolulu,” he answered, “and the Hawaii Department of Health told us in the Elections Office that there was no birth certificate.”

“From all I have seen,” Adams continued, “he’s lied about being born in hospital in Hawaii. It simply didn’t happen. ” (Source)


These photos show alleged mother Stanley Ann Dunham in her high school days:

As most of the Obama Documents including even the White House Birth Certificate have a Stanley Ann Dunham signature, it is important to establish their authenticity. The most important facet of a legal document validity is the signature. These are examples of her handwriting that can be taken to court:

This Social Security application is picture perfect Stanley Ann Dunham printing and cursive handwriting. A work of art. This is courtroom material.

Most of the Obama Documents were made on the same circa 1961 Royal standard manual typewriter with the 12 point PICA font The Royal typewriter of that time is characterized by no No. 1 key. A small L key had to be used when a No. 1 was desired. CLUE: All one numbers and small L letters are the same. These samples have been grabbed from the documents examined:






The White House Obama Birth Certificate has a host of validity problems but for our purposes the forged Stanley Anne Dunham signature is the sore thumb. Her high school handwriting makes every letter stand out for easy reading. The vowels A, E, I, O, U are perfectly made. LOOK for the small T as she closes the loop.The signature on the alleged birth certificate has few easily determined letters. Analysts say that document was made in NINE layers. The Obama part of the signature was written by a different forger than the rest and it was on a separate layer! Thus it is a FORGERY from the git-go.

The Obama Kenya birth ceritificate was no REAL MCCOY either. THE RULE is if a document has the alleged Obama birthdate, August 4, 1961, it is a FORGERY. Photoanalysis shows that Obama, just like the old Bushes, is at least 10 years older than he claims. The Kenya birth certificate fabrication fits right in. Notice the II after the Barack Hussein instead of Junior. Apparently that is the way it is done in Nazi Germany.

This document was made by the Royal typewriter. Compare the letters used for ONE and the small L letters.


The Soetoro Dunham Divorce Papers fit the pattern. Forged Dunham signatures and a brace of similar One numbers and small L letters characteristic of a circa 1961 Royal typewriter.

Document examiner Dr. Ron Polarik who debunked the Obama birth certificates also debunked the Soetoro Dunham divorse papers based on the Dunham signatures.

March 11th, 2009 10:15
“All Ann Dunham signatures a total mismatch for Ann Dunham writing samples circa high school days."
When I first viewed the signatures on the divorce papers, I had not seen Ann’s writing on her photo and in the yearbook. Those would be typical samples of a left-handed writer — but, in a much later photo of Annas an adult, she has a pen or pencil in her right hand.
The only way for the divorce signatures to match those on the photo and yearbook would be if (a) Ann had an injury or neuromuscular disorder to her writing hand, and/or (b) she switched from writing lefty to righty. Read more:

The Obama Dunham Divorce Papers are forged for the same reasons.

The January, 1964 date conflicts with Stanley Ann Dunham's attendance at the University of Washington Spring semester 1962 as Hawaii has a two year residency requirement before a divorce application. However, the University of Washington attendance report was tampered with. Furthermore Hawaii has never allowed Mental Cruelty as a ground for divorce. It is a GROSS FORGERY just on the Stanley Ann Dunham signature by itself.

The Dunham Passport Records had similar faults, bad signatures, the use of the Royal typewriter, but also photos unlike Stanley Ann Dunham who was characterized by a broad chin.

The University of Washington in Seattle reported that Stanley Ann Dunham attended the Fall semester 1961 and the Spring semester 1962. That would be typical of a Seattle resident leaving high school Class of 1961 graduating June 1961.

Stanley Ann Dunham was born November 29, 1942. Her birth state Kansas had a school attendance cutoff date of August 31th so she was Class of 1961.

The conception time of the alleged Obama birthdate August 4, 1961 was November 1960 when Stanley Ann Dunham was still in high school. She didn't date in high school according to her best friend.

The University of Hawaii in their report of the Dunham school attendance record lists Fall 1960. During the Bush I administration the FBI argued that they needed backdoors to all of the software produced 'so they could catch the crooks'. This report shows how the Nazis used their backdoor to the University of Hawaii Records Department computer.

Amazing how the record gives dates of degrees awarded when Dunham isn't even in attendance. So the UH gave out what they had even though it was hacked. The University of Washington Records Department also was hacked inserting Obama into Stanley Ann Dunham and changing her Class of 1961 to Class of 1960 to fit The Obama Story.

A couple of years ago reported Stanley Ann Dunham alive and well at age 66. She was written out of The Obama Story at age 52. Maya Soetoro, alleged daughter, and Michelle couldn't get their story straight on the type of cancer she is suppoed to have died from. Those actors also couldn't get their story straight on which Hawaii hospital is responsible for The Thing.

Just totally amazing that Stanley Ann Dunham was still alive at age 67. She would be age 69 today.

That points out the fact that one of the main characters is still alive. She is getting her revenge with the high school handwriting samples! She has never used anything but Stannie or Stanley as her first name. Maybe in Germany they have trouble with Stanley as a girl's name but in the 1940's it was a common name. Stanley as a boy's name was rare and quickly reverted to Stan.

For a couple of years the Hawaii Department of Health claimed they had no Birth Index. A researcher actually visited Hawaii and got this shot of the alleged Obama page in the Birth Index. Notice the smaller size font for Obama and the usual misspelling as it should be B-A-R-R-A-C-K according to a friend of Obama, alleged Sr. The II originates from the forged Hawaii Birth Announcements. Of course it should be Jr.

The researcher reported that the page was taken out of a snap binder folder and given to her to copy on the copy machine. Easy to see how the Nazis made the switch. They stole the original given to them, had it altered, came back with a forgery. The researcher said she had the entire index folder to herself.

The researcher said Obama and Dunham had their names in the Groom and Bride indexes. So same method of alteration. Normally an employee could look at the index and assume a document was filed away related to it. The Governor of Hawaii and a former Hawaii employee Tim Adams both claim that there is no Obama birth cerificate in Hawaii. What about the Groom and Bride documents? The Nazis just altered the indexes and didn't bother trying to get forged documents into the locked vaults holding birth certificates, etc.

Of course the big forgery was the Hawaii Obama Birth Announcements. America's superidiot media clowns took those to be THE REAL THING saying that is proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 22
Obama Birth Announcement Forged

Really curious how the business orientated Polk Directories that listed ADULTS ONLY was 'discovered' to contain a listing for Obama Ann S studt r6085 Kalanianaole Hwy Not an adult at age 18 but never appearing under the Dunham name. The Polk scans that we downloaded had SIX student listings and THREE had Obama in the name. The small r means rented. That same address was on the some of the other forged documents including the birth announcements and the White House birth certificate.

Under the Dunham name as mentioned Stanley never made the cut. Her parents were listed at the Highway address with different employers and with both r and h before the address. The h stands for home ownership. Records show a college professor owned the house and probably lived there. That Hwy address was never listed in www.inteliuscom records for the Dunhams.

Samples of the Polks when compared to the 1959-60 edition shows total mismatches. S Ann Obama shows up on 1961-62. Obama appears a year earlier.

This comparison shows different paper stocks as the print from the opposite side shows through in the 1960-61.  
Father Stanley is listed as employed by Pratt Furniture a nonexistent company and renting the Highway address.


This comparison shows Father Stanley owning the Highway address house and wife Madelyn renting the property. Notice the different fonts and print darkness. Usually the wife is listed in parenthesis. Here both in parenthesis and a separate listing.


This comparison shows a usual single listing at a different address and a DIFFERENT EMPLOYER. Again different fonts and darkness. A mismatch in printing quality but notice the Dunham entry has larger print and is much clearer and has Father Stanley both owning a property and renting it. See h and apt 110.


This comparison has Obama Barack H studt r 625 11th av with the usual print quality issues.


This comparison has the claimed married couple living at two addresses. The famous Highway address claims Mommy is renting at her parents address. Big print quality issues here.


The LDS genealogy library in Salt Lake City hosts a collection of City Directories of the United States but just by miracle no 1961 and 1962 directories. If the Nazis can't alter, forge, or substitute documents, they steal them.

Also just by a miracle another Polk shows up in Seattle both renting and owning with ANNA as the name and a MRS!

So the story that a coal black nigger from Kenya tricked Stanley Ann Dunham into the sex act has not a single document, legal or otherwise, to support it. Cheers to Stanley Ann Dunham.

The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 26
Stop Calling Obama A Nigger, He's An Asian


The Nazis ACHILLES HEEL is their BROKEN SPOKEN ENGLISH. Teachers of English to Germans claim the pronunciation of American words is the killer for them. So listen to the Nazis on the tube as they try to sound American. Google transcripts and see the broken spoken Englsh. AND is their favorite word. Never a complex sentence in the whole transcript.

The Obama birth certificate lawyers speak broken English. Obama, Bauer, Berg, Lambert, Kreep, Van Irion, Ruemiller, Jablonski. The recent Georgia challenge to where Obama was made had ALL attorneys claiming birth in Hawaii with a Kenyan father. In an essence they promoted the LIES that Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 to a Kenyan father and a white mother without a stitch of proof. Obama is saying he is black to grab the Black vote. He is saying he is white to grab some white votes. He is neither; he is an Asian.

Establishing a pattern is a critical FBI detective technique. PROFILES. Take a group of people and notice their similarities. That forms a hypothesis that can be taken to the bank.

Rick Perry R Guilani R Nader L Panetta Michael Moore
GH Bush B Bush B Clinton H Clinton B Obama
J. Howard (Aus.) W Buffet Alex Jones R Murdoch T Blair (UK)
P Volcker Bernanke Greenspan K Rove J Roberts
Hamburg (FDA) J Boehner N Pelosi J Kerry GW Bush
T Geithner R Mueller B O'Reilly G Beck E Cantor
H. Kissinger R. Cheney D. Rumsfeld G Tenet D Petraeus
M Bloomberg J Brennan B Schieffer J Stewart A. Hellerstein
S Hoyer M Drudge B Gates C Matthews J. Gorelick
G Gensler B Chilton J Kallstorm S. Speilberg J. Lieberman
E Dole J Allen P Gramm    


Nazi Traits:
1) Broken spoken English
2) Lack of job qualifications: They are all hacks on the job.
3) UnAmerica acitivity
4) Bad manners and Egotistical
5) German or obviously made-up names
6) German birth (Our investigation puts Obama's birth in Thailand as a Buddhist.)
7) Easy college majors: law, political science, history, journalism. No difficult math or science majors. Lawyers are clerical lawyers, the probate and divorce guys. No trial lawyers with their poor spoken English.
8) No use for the Truth. Spies live a life of LIES. They are always looking over their shoulder for assassins.
9) Support the Iraq War
10) Promote 9/11 claiming the Nazis didn't do it.
11) Bad old country teeth as in Obama's false teeth.

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The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 32
Dunham Signatures Avenge Obama Father Lies


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