The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 28
The FBI Almost Stopped 9/11

By Jon Carlson

The $64,000 Question for America is did FBI Director Hoover know that when the Dulles Brothers formed the CIA in 1947 they stacked the CIA deck with Nazi WWII intelligence agents among remnants of US Army WWII intelligence operatives? Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg proclaimed them TRAITORS so why wouldn't Hoover know?

Hoover was born in 1895 the same date alleged for Bush I father Prescott Bush who headed Hitler's Bank on Wall Street in the 1930's and 1940's until the Feds hit him with a Trading with the Enemy conviction and a million dollar fine. Of course that was the wrong charge as Prescott Bush was a German agent (spy) born in Gernamy.

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 8
1900 Census Kills Fake Bush Genealogy

Nazi spies during WWII faced a military tribunal and execution or life sentences:


Hoover was never as much as a policeman or government agent or a college graduate or even served in WWI. As a librarian he studied law courses at night school until he passed the bar exam. That is where shysters came from in those days. Like Abe Lincoln! Being Washington, D.C. born when the Justice Department was looking for clerical lawyers, Hoover got a job better than being a librarian. Anybody can do their own legal work like working on your own car but the lawyers have an age-old monopoly on doing somebody else's legal work. Today more and more 'legal work' is properly the area of insurance company and government agencies clerical workers. Private lawyers main lifeblood is begging from insurance companies who fight legal rape on a daily basis. Lawyers claim they can't beat a insurance company as they have too much money and can keep appealing and running up the costs until they find a friendly lawyer sitting as a judge.

All of the judges are lawyers at fancy salaries of course and part of the legal profession so nonlawyers are at an disadvantage. Such as FBI Special Agents in the courtroom who claim bulletproof cases commonly go down the drain because of 'The Judge'. The FBI has a bunch of inexperienced lawyers and one agent claims go to work for the other side when they earn their stripes. One lawyer claims each courtroom is a fiefdom with its King! He claims lawyers are the scum of the earth even though he is one of them. More likely FBI Specail Agents and criminal lawyers have to deal with the scum of the earth, the criminals, for their lifeblood. One FBI agent said 'their bosses' are their main problem as they favor certain types of cases.

Besides having a German born mother (Anna Scheitlin) Hoover's father had Negro blood making Hoover suspect like Condi Rice and Colin Powell, prominant mixed breed Negros that played prominant roles cheerleading and LYING America into the Iraq War.

There is a report that Hoover was a homosexual who liked lady dresses! Being born in 1895 he would have been 22 in 1917 the beginning of WWI usually prime stock for cannon fodder. Back then faggots had to stay home. Men only allowed. Anyway, the second in command at the FBI inherited his estate in DC.

Sullivan, No. 3, was due to replace Hoover at his death but Nixon selected another shyster with no Special Agent experience, Patrick Gary, to coverup instead of having the Attorney-General pick Hoover's successor as was previous procedure. Part of the job description of the Attorney-General is legal advice to the President and country but he is not the President's Lawyer.

There has been a string of shysters without Special Agent experience heading the FBI even today. Bush I 'influenced' Carter to pick William H. Webster (1978-1987) and he is alive and well today at age 88 as Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Google a transcript to find if he is another BROKEN ENGLISH SPEAKING GUY like the current FBI head Mueller. See below how to ferret out foreigners with their broken spoken English.

Either Hoover didn't know about the Nazi infested CIA or he knew but the Nazis blackmailed him with THE ABOVE.

From their actions and speeches Truman, IKE, LBJ, Kennedy, and Reagan had no clue that using CIA information to make vital decisions harmed America, the UK, Russia, and China, and favored Germany and Japan. Germany and Japan have been 'associates' for 150 years. All got America into DEEP SHIT for their ignorance. Of course Obama, the Bushes, Clinton KNEW and got the US into DEEP SHIT. Nixon was the righthand man of J Foster Dulles after WWII and probably had a clue. Still his administration called the BERLIN WALL with all the Germans and Nixon himself ended up in DEEP SHIT.

JFK got wise to CIA head Allen Dulles and fired him over the Bay of Pigs fiasco and planned to scatter the CIA to the Winds. The Nazis killed him. None of the Kennedys ever mentioned the Nazis.

Truman as a failed haberdasher (Men's clothing store) was out of his league in the Presidency and was just a PAWN in a game of Chess for the Nazis.


Establishing a pattern is a crucial FBI law enforcement technique. PROFILES. Take a group of people and notice their similarities. That forms a hypothesis that can be taken to the bank.

GH Bush B Bush B Clinton H Clinton B Obama
J. Howard (Aus.) W Buffet Alex Jones R Murdoch T Blair (UK)
P Volcker Bernanke Greenspan K Rove J Roberts
Hamburg (FDA) J Boehner N Pelosi J Kerry GW Bush
T Geithner R Mueller B O'Reilly G Beck E Cantor
H. Kissinger R. Cheney D. Rumsfeld G Tenet D Petraeus


1) Broken spoken English
We noticed this group has a terrible time speaking English SO anyone with poor spoken English is SUSPECT. We haven't included all of the shysters. None of them are trail lawyers with their POOR speaking ability.
2) Lack of job qualifications: They are all hacks on the job. Just follow orders from the Nazis or screw up.
3) UnAmerica acitivity
4) Bad manners and Egotistical: They all appear STUPID.
5) German or obviously made-up names
6) German or Thailand (Obama) birth
7) Easy college majors: law, political science, history, journalism. No difficult math or science majors.
8) No use for the Truth.
9) Support the Iraq War
10) Promote 9/11 claiming the Nazis didn't do it.

The trace element COPPER is essential to brain development and functioning. Vegetables and fruit grown on soil with adequate COPPER is the primary dietary source. Food scientists claim soils of Germany are COPPER deficient. You get the picture: COPPER deficient diets make deficient minds

CNN LARRY KING LIVE: former CIA Director George Tenet interview transcript

This transcript shows in spades that Tenet speaks Broken English with not a single complex sentence in the entire interview. The Bushes set records for vacation time. Bush I hasn't worked since 1992. Bush took the entire month of August off just before 9/11 and Tenet joined him 'at the ranch' but he denied it. Later he owed up to it. Going to Texas in the August heat isn't voluntary. King should have asked Tenet if he discussed 9/11 when he met with Bush in Texas before 9/11 and lied about it? Also: Why are you qualified to head the CIA? King did ask about Tenet's claims that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and that the Iraq War would be a slam dunk.


A closer look at Mueller shows no FBI Special Agent experience or any FBI experience whatsoever but broken spoken English in Google transcripts. Another lawyer. Mueller was nominated for the position of FBI Director on July 5, 2001.Confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee occurred July 30, three days before his prostate cancer surgery. On August 2, 2001, he was confirmed. He then served as Acting Deputy Attorney General until September 4, 2001, just one week before 9/11. (Source)

Prostate Cancer surgery is no nip and tuck operation. Commonly the patient has testicles removed as a prevention measure. Nonetheless there were a lot of hoops being jumped through to get Mueller into position for 9/11. If Mueller didn't make it, would there have been the 9/11 mass murder of Americans by the Nazis of historic proportions?


The trigger for 9/11 was a East Coast weather forecast FIVE DAYS OUT on 9/6/01 for a NORTHWEST WIND of 19 mph and CLEAR SKIES for excellent visual flying. The plan was a quick hit on the North Tower where a floor of crude oil barrels were ignited all together to make a gigantic SMUDGE POT so that a giant smoke plume would cover the top of the South Tower.

At the Pentagon a GIANT SMUDGE POT in a construction area near the crash site was blown by the NORTHWEST WIND into the building to exaggerate the actual damage:

A White Jet seen in all 9/11 locations had guided a Boeing 737 drone, not theFlight AA11 Boeing 767, into the North Tower. Analysis of the video proves FOUR NAPALM BOMBS were attached to make for a really BIG SHOW, a Hollywood Spectacular. Flight controllers came forward during the discovery phase of the Motley Rice 9/11 trial claiming that the NYC airliners went off the radar screen over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Nazis took no prisoners. TWO of the napalm bombs went off on contact with the wall projecting backward 200 feet (the width of a North Tower wall is 208 feet) but the other TWO napalm bombs went inside the building creating a NAPALM HELL for innocent Americans. An Act of War the FBI and your local newspaper is keeping from America.

"I saw the first plane," said Nelly Davoren Wednesday morning. "The noise was loud. It was flying very low. That's why I looked up. I thought, 'What the hell is this plane doing?' " The Orient Point resident was at ground zero in the worst act of terrorism ever on U.S. soil. Tuesday is farmers' market day beside the twin towers of the World Trade Center. And for 10 years, the Terry Farm truck has been there with produce from Orient Point.

Ms. Terry added this: "Last week the FBI was all over the Trade Center. They were parked in our spot. They knew something was up." (Source)

On 9/11 the aircraft carrier USS George Washington was anchored off Long Island serving as the base of operations for the White Jet, two military helicopters, and two A3 Skywarrior drones. Just on schedule a military helicopter arrived using the smoke plume to hide its entrance and activity. There was only 17 minutes between crashes so that helicopter had no time to take survivors off the NT roof! Its job was murder on a grand scale in the Nazi tradition. It used remote control to guide the airliner into the South Tower.

It was supposed to be a big Magic Show, now you see it, now you don't but some 35 video cameras caught the UNMARKED US Navy helicopter:


Those video cameras made a major production out of the NAPALM BOMBS the Nazi terrorists leased on Americans on 9/11. Several views of the South Tower drone has the shiny napalm bombs shining like mirrors. Two can be seen from this view but underneath shots show a total of four napalm bombs. Telemetry and guidance personel pointed out the pizza shaped remote control antenna on the tail and other remote control linear antennas seen in the circles as vertical lines. The tail antenna was used by the helicopter for precise guidance and the linear antennas were used by the White Jet for general to and fro guidance.

After waiting in the smoke plume for 59 minutes Nazi operatives in the helicopter set off the demolition charges that brought down the South Tower and then left for the USS George Washington MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The USS George Washington never answered America's Call for Help!

The White Jet had room for two Nazis so an operative was free to operate the remote radio controls.

Here the button gets pushed to bring down the North Tower. Manhattan Island and the Pentagon are NO FLY areas.

The White Jet identified by Shackville witnesses (NOT the FBI who claimed it was a W Buffet business jet) as similar to the jets used by the Swedish and Austrian air forces was witnessed in all 9/11 locations. After it had guided the North Tower drone into that tower and then brought in the South Tower drone for final guidance by the helicopter, the White Jet was caught on video shadowing the South Tower drone so it could regain control if the drone missed the South Tower. Notice the shadows on the North Tower. The NT wall measures 208 feet and the shadow is about 1/6 of that wall making about 35 feet length and wingspan of the White Jet.

As the Nazis couldn't get any luck on 9/11 a NAPALM BOMB and an ENGINE came through the South Tower rear wall with the Napalm bomb exploding in the above photos. The engine fell to the street after landing on a car and was identified by experts, NOT the FBI, as being from a Boeing 737 drone NOT the Flight UA175 Boeing 767. No BIG FBI PRESS CONFERENCE!

Same story at the Pentagon. The engine similarly was not from the Flight AA77 Boeing 757 but a A3 Skywarrior drone. No BIG FBI PRESS CONFERENCE there either or since!

The Pentagon had a similar crash set-up to the South Tower with a military helicopter making the final guidance. The White Jet flew from NYC to guide the A3 Skywarrior drone from the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island. Russia saw it leave the carrier on its satellite. The flamming cloud is actually two napalm bombs going off together. The A3 Skywarrior drones ONLY carried two Napalm bombs, would you believe? Being easy on the Pentagon?


Speaking of no Nazi luck on 9/11 the helicopter in the above photo released to the public was missed.

An Pentagon Army officer told Karl Schwarz that within TEN MINUTES of the crash FBI agents were all over the Pentagon grounds even though they have no jurisdiction. The Pentagon security of course is all military all the time. The FBI has a special team to pick up body parts for identification but it was missing on 9/11. A military department handled body parts except the parts the FBI claimed were vaporized. In Shankville the coroner was responsible but there were NO BODIES! Another A3 Skywarrior was blown up in Shankville. Followed by the White Jet the 'Flight 93' substitute was blown up over Indian Lake for a watery grave but with the Nazis 9/11 luck only a few pieces made the lake with the rest hitting a wooded area near an old stripmine. With the Nazis 9/11 luck TWELVE WITNESSES are on the record describing the White Jet TO A TEE. They said the aircraft was heading West confirming that the A3 came off an aircraft carrier near Long Island. The Nazi story was the aircraft was headed for the Nazi White House and maybe it was shot down to prevent that.

Early witnesses including the coroner described the 12 X 20 foot impact area as a small dump. That would be the size of the A3 Skywarrior fuselage.

In the background of the photos can be seen where 300 trees were cut down having been damaged by the TWO napalm bombs carried on the A3 drones similar to the Pentagon Napalm explosions. The Nazis had to call in large excavaters to enlarge the HOLE the size of alleged airliner Flight UA93 Boeing 757. Thus this is the AFTER photo:

Many hands make the work light. Take one guess who is cleaning the crime scene.


At the 9/11 Pentagon the first order of business for the FBI had designated agents grab 85 videotapes in different locations. Onlooker Cameras were forbidden and confiscated.

Later the FBI released a video from a hotel A MILE AWAY. The A3 Skywarrior is circled in yellow. The hotel is on the other side of the Pentagon so the A3 goes out of the picture when it dips below the Pentagon wall (Photo 4). Ignore the truck on the expressway but Photo 7 picks up the TWO clouds of the TWO napalm bombs igniting circled in yellow that then join together.

The BBC obtained a video made by a nearby cemetery visitor showing the A3 Skywarrior drone. The A3 drawing shows the swept back wings and tail.

Tourist Linda Brookhart also caught the A3 as it flew above her. She said there was an explosion just after it passed. She gave the film to the FBI undeveloped. They developed it AND DOCTORED IT before returning the film to her. The idiot FBI film doctor put in FOUR ENGINES while both the A3 and the claimed Flight AA77 Boeing 757 has two engines. This photo is as returned. Notice FOUR engines that don't even touch the wings.

A Photo editor program shows the dots that were added and then removed

The Nazis claimed that an enormous airliner took out THREE RINGS of the Pentagon. The background of this photo of FBI crime scene cleaners tells a different story.



During the Nazi Clintons Administration in 1997 a major overhaul of the Pentagon was funded to the tune of billions of dollars of course. That means the 9/11 Black Op was on the drawing board at that time. The work was done in each of the five wings on a rotating basis. Amazing that the wing that was hit was empty and far away from DOD big wheels, of course. This photo highlights the Target Wall that was specially designed to take a hit like a fly hitting a spider's web and then collapsing on top of the drone. Instead the A3 drone hit off target like a bug hitting a windshield as portrayed below and then fell to the ground. The 100+ deaths at the Pentagon were caused when the A3 missed the empty workareas, the Target Wall.

Talking of the Nazis not getting any luck on 9/11 this photo shows the A3 drone wreck to the far left drawing a crowd. The SMUDGE POT mentioned before is really belching out the black smoke. Especially notice the WHITE TRUCK. The plan was the Target Wall was supposed to fall on top of the A3 drone wreckage and hide its identification from America when demolition charges cut its supports at crash time. The DEMOLITION CHARGES didn't go off. A Nazi couldn't find the right button.

A different perspective of the A3 fusalage on the left photo margin. The other engine is highlighted in blue. The A3 is a carrier capable aircraft with folded wings for ship storage. The part of the wing that folds up is highlighted in yellow.

The Nazis don't take any prisoners even if they are Pentagon employees. A half hour after the crash a Nazi finally found the right button and pushed it.

The WHITE TRUCK (highlighted in yellow), the A3 DRONE (in red), an A3 ENGINE (in blue), and FBI agents , one on top of the firetruck, taking it all in stand out like sore thumbs. Possibly bystanders were crushed when the wall was demolished without warning. Near the left margin of the photo notice the wall gouge (green circle) where the LEFT A3 engine struck the masonry wall.

The two engines of the alleged Flight AA77 Boeing 757 weigh in at 9000 pounds EACH. In this photo a mini-crane usually used to lift up to 1000 pounds of drywall at construction sites magically lifts the A3 engine:

More Busy Beavers cleaning the Pentagon Crime Scene. Notice the trailer in the background with the A3 wreckage and the A3 engine.

In a Bob Woodward interview with President Gerald Ford , Ford points out that Kissinger was sold as an Vietnam Expert beginning in 1965 in the LBJ administration prior to the Vietnam War and actually was the architect of that War. Kissinger did eveything possible to prevent Ford pulling the plug on Kissinger's war baby. That war was against North Vietnam supported by US WWII Allies Russia and China. Another 55,000 Americans to early graves thanks to the Nazis. Ford, a true American for a change, pounds on Nixon, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney in a must read interview selection. Ford knew that Kissinger was born in Germany but had no clue from the FBI that Kissinger, Rumsfeld, and Cheney were suspect characters with POOR spoken English probably working for Germany.


The Nazi Plan is to destroy America's Allies from WWII by infiltrating Nazi German Spies into top governmental positions. So far only China have kept them at a distance. Germany is a shitty little country, smaller than Montana, that has caused all of the trouble in the world for the last 100 years, America's No. 1 enemy. Blue-eyed and blond (dyed and gray-haired, bald) gives them away. Arrogant beyond belief. They don't have a clue to American manners and etiquette. However, their real Achilles Heel is their poor English speaking ability. We exposed a bunch with the following webpage so bone up on it now. The KISS method of ferreting out foreigners. All with missing real genealogies. Fake photos are in abundance.

Clinton Just Another Nazi Spy

LEARN HOW TO FERRET OUT BROKEN ENGLISH SPEAKING FOREIGNERS. They speak English at the Fifth grade level with no complex sentences. Often just phrases but usually phrases connected by ANDs, ORs, and BUTs. This is a complex sentence:

Because America is in deep trouble, we are spending time ferreting out the foreigners in the Federal government.

Google a transcript of any of the following ( for example, Bernanke transcript) and Ferret out a foreigner. Most clearly are German born but Obama being an Asian with slanted eyelids is believed to have been born in Thailand.

The Nazis have taken over control of the media so look for them there. We are talking a bunch of illegal aliens from Germany (and Thailand) ruling and destroying America and the World!

GHW Bush B Bush B Clinton H Clinton B Obama
J. Howard (Aus.) W Buffet Alex Jones R Murdoch T Blair (UK)
P Volcker Bernanke Greenspan K Rove J Roberts
Hamburg (FDA) J Boehner N Pelosi J Kerry GW Bush
T Geithner R Mueller B O'Reilly G Beck E Cantor
H. Kissinger R. Cheney D. Rumsfeld G Tenet D Petraeus



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