The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 19
The Case for an Atomic Bomb in the Gulf

By Jon Carlson


"Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen."
John Jay's letter to George Washington, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention (1787).


With Bush I, his father, Prescott Bush, (German name, The Scherf's) and Barbara Bush born in Nazi Germany, never even becoming naturalized US Citizens, thus making Bush II, being born of German citizen parents, also an illegal alien, their alligence to Germany interests and their destruction of America and their use of American soldiers and treasure to benefit German interests is understandable. View: 1900 Census Kills Fake Bush Genealogy

The US Presidency ALSO is an ideal location for foreign spies to get revenge for historic barbaric acts of America, such as dropping ATOMIC BOMBS on civilians in Japan in WWII. Even MacArthur and Eisenhower said they had nothing to do with that decision.

Our investigation of Obama's birthplace (Is Obama a Thai Buddhist President?) places Obama's birth and upbringing in Thailand. Thailand supported Japan and Germany in WWII and today is packed with their polluting companies. Henry Ford was a big supporter of Hitler and today Ford manufactures vehicles for 80 countries at their plant in Thailand. Ford wasn't touched in the recent automobile industry takedown by the Nazis in the White House. There is a streak of revenge in his madness. See: GULF SABOTAGE.

Historians rethink key Soviet role in Japan defeat

As the United States dropped its atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, 1.6 million Soviet troops launched a surprise attack on the Japanese army occupying eastern Asia. Within days, Emperor Hirohito's million-man army in the region had collapsed.
It was a momentous turn on the Pacific battleground of World War II, yet one that would be largely eclipsed in the history books by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the same week 65 years ago. But in recent years some historians have argued that the Soviet action served as effectively as — or possibly more than — the A-bombs in ending the war.
Now a new history by a professor at University of California, Santa Barbara seeks to reinforce that view, arguing that fear of Soviet invasion persuaded the Japanese to opt for surrender to the Americans, who they believed would treat them more generously than the Soviets.

So heroic Russia overwhelmed the German Nazis in Europe and a million man Jap army to send WWII into history. With the infiltration of Nazi intelligence into US intelligence circa 1947 by the Dulles, the rewritten Nazi history made Russia the ENEMY!

Maybe America is lucky to just have the Nazis in the White House as look what they are doing with VITAMIN C in Germany. Nutrition scientists suggest a teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder daily for good health to make up for a genetic defect in humans, also Nazis. The Nazis have kept the importance of ascorbic acid powder, wrongly called Vitamin C, hidden since they took over US intelligence circa 1947. The Nazi Vitamin C Fiasco Story Google scientist Irwin Stone for the original work on why all plants and animals produce their own Vitamin C but humans produce none. Irwin Stone found that humans lack one step in the body's synthesis of vitamin C from sugar.

Flouride was added to the drinking water of US cities circa 1947 just as it was added to Nazi death camp water supplies to keep the prisoners doctile. Known to affect the thyroid gland and a cause of breast cancer as it is similar to iodine and the body can't tell them apart.. There are no scientific studies to support the claim that fluoride prevents cavities. It is a waste by-product of phosphate production in Florida. Watering plants with city water harms the roots of plants and effects calcium in the plant. A whole house charcoal filter works well on the garden hose.


The left photo shows the layout of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil well. The right photo is the fused diamond tungsten drilling bit that does the hard work although explosives are used when hard rock is encountered.

As the well is drilled, large pipes, CASINGS, are shoved downhole to keep the hole from caving in, for good assess to the drilling process, and for eventual oil recovery. All casings are cemented with a special concrete mixture on the outside so there is no gap between the casing and the rock being drilled through. When the drilling has reached an oil formation, the drill pipe is pulled out and final cementing is accomplished. The final casing setup is rigid in all directions with no gaps anywhere.

The next diagram shows the situation of the Deepwater Horizon well after it was cemented 20 hours before the explosion. Maximum hardness of the cement required 10 hours and two tests confirmed a successful cement process. As the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is a development rig the oil well has a final CONCRETE PLUG installed which is removed by a PRODUCTION oil rig to gain access to the oil deposit.

This waiting for cement to harden period leaves WIDE OPEN ACCESS TO THE WELL BOTTOM AND FORMATION by spies.

The left drawing shows the casing has a BOTTOM PLUG inserted after some cement which is forced up the outside of the casing filling in the gap between the casing and the side of the drilled hole. That BOTTOM PLUG is forced downward by more cement above it. When the BOTTOM PLUG is positioned properly and the casing is cemented, the extra cement is drawn off. Then a period of at least 10 hours is allowed for setting to maximum hardness. Tests are run to ensure no faults. The Deepwater Horizon crew used two tests to verify the success of the cement job.

The right drawing shows the addition of a TOP PLUG for further sealing insurance. THIS IS THE SITUATION OF THE WELL 20 HOURS LATER WHEN THE EXPLOSION OCCURRED. HEAVY MUD is used as a displacement fluid. It is removed from the casing by pumping seawater at the bottom forcing mud out the top.

For unsuccessful wells the entire length is filled with cement. For a successful production well that isn't brought into production immediately, like the Deepwater Horizon well, a FURTHER capping procedure is used.

When the well casing is set up for oil recovery the pipe has to be opened to the oil formation in a controlled manner. These photos show a cabled carrier device that contains shaped explosive charges which are carefully calculated to make openings through both the steel casing and its cement coating and into the oil formation. IF AN ATOMIC BOMB with a 20 hour timer WAS DROPPED INTO THE WELL, the formation casing would be blown apart leaving the pressurized oil and natural gas an uncontrolled run through the well casing to the oil rig. Actually an atomic bomb would leave a large radioactive crator as well as spreading radioactivity on the Gulf of Mexico.

Heavy metals Go Untested in Gulf Seafood

The Nazi FDA is not checking for radioactivity in the Gulf food supply OR ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER!

The W54 warhead pictured below used in the Davy Crockett had a minimum mass of about 23 kg, and had yields ranging from TEN TONS up to 1OOO TONS in various mods (probably achieved by varying the fissile content). The warhead was basically egg-shaped with the minor axis of 27.3 cm and a major axis of 40 cm. The W-54 probably represents a near minimum diameter for a spherical implosion device (the U.S. has conducted tests of a 25.4 cm implosion system however).source

U.S. Rig Witness Recalls Rain of Mud, GREEN FLASH

In testimony on Tuesday before a federal government panel investigating the explosion on the night of April 20 that claimed 11 lives, Captain Alwin Landry also recalled a green flash that preceded the first explosion and a desperate effort to pull 115 survivors from the water.
The Damon Bankston was pumping heavy drilling mud from a three-mile deep well drilled by the rig through a hose. Landry was on the bridge catching up on paperwork. Shortly after 9 p.m. CDT, "my mate advised there was mud coming off the rig. It looked like it was a black rain coming down," Landry said. Landry said he heard something else that concerned him: the loud hiss of a high-pressure release of air and gas that lasted for 30 seconds or more.
"I saw the green flash on the main deck of the Horizon to the aft of the derrick." About 10 minutes later, a distress call went out from the rig's radio -- "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! The rig's on fire. Abandon ship," Landry said.
According to Landry, the rig's captain, Curt Kuchta, said his crew had slammed a "kill switch" on the drill deck meant to activate an underwater blowout preventer that is designed as a fail-safe method of shutting off the well.

As an intense flash of light before the explosive shock wave is characteristic of an atomic bomb, it appears that the ignition of the bomb downwell forced the drilling mud in the well out the top and on to the oil rig. Behind the mud was the GREEN FLASH. Contents of the well flowed for ten minutes without a fire! Possibly a preplanted explosive charge ignited the fire as witnesses said other explosions occurred.

Numerous witnesses to the atomic bomb explosion in Japan in WWII emphasized brilliant flashes before the shock wave:



As an example of how the Nazi GOP has destroyed America and Iraq, the Congressional VOTE FOR THE IRAQ WAR shows the Nazi GOP giving their Nazi president 97% support due to Nazi intelligence and Nazi LIES:

Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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