The Nazis In The White House Story: Part 15

By Jon Carlson



The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 14
Gulf Bombs Set Up BP For An Oil Fall

investigation showed BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that the Sinking of the Deepwater Horizon was NO ACCIDENT. Clearly cutter charges placed by US Navy operatives from a submarine made gigantic FIVE FOOT ON A SIDE OPENINGS that were used by fake fireboats to pour TONS of water into the Deepwater Horizon superstructure. As the rig A CITY BLOCK IN SIZE was attached to the 21 inch in diameter FLOATABLE well casing going to the seafloor, when it sunk the casing was kinked and fractured causing the massive oil loss. All photos of the fake firefight at the Deepwater Horizon show insignificant amounts of oil on the water surface.

This photo shows the floatable well casing sections that are bolted together. The foam component floats the weight of the pipe section. Commonly a rig can disconnect from the floating casing in time of need and it remains suspended in water. HOWEVER numerous failsafes were all defeated by US Navy operatives and the physical evidence was sunk to the bottom of the Gulf. The US Navy is responsible for the murder of 11 rig workers, several injured workers, and billions of dollars of damage to America.

This photo from that investigation shows the results of the cutter charges placed on the helicopter landing area leg some 100 feet in height.

As corroboration another photo of the Deepwater Horizon headed for the deep Gulf structurally intact with JUST LARGE HOLES cut in its superstructure. Look in the lower right hand corner and the 'hatches' NOW OPEN can be seen. This photos also show minimal crude burning on the water surface before the sinking.

This closeup shows beyond a shadow of doubt that the Sinking of the Deepwater Horizon was no accident. Water is targeted at the leg OBVIOUSLY NOT ON FIRE so it runs down into the open FIVE FOOT ON A SIDE bleaches and inside the ship. As the ship lowers from that water the bleaches allow turrents of seawater INSIDE to sink the ship.

Further corroboration is apparent in these two photos of the Deepwater Horizon. The second photo is a closeup of the holes taken from the first photo.

This photo of a recently constructed in Panama City, Florida NYC fireboat shows a REAL fireboat. Curiously with the busiest marine traffic and largest concentration of oil rigs in the country there are no fireboats in the Gulf.

The US Navy has 800 ships bleeding US taxpayers to death for a totally obsolete and redundant navy but with all of the Navy ships in the Gulf almost 800 took a powder like on 9/11 when America was calling for help. Clearly a submarine was used to transport operatives 50 miles out in the Gulf to set numerous explosives charges and the BIG ONE in the well casing.

At the end of the Gulf War I when US jets were killing retreating Iraq soldiers, US operatives set 114 oil well fires and blamed the Iraq soldiers. The Red Adair firefighters from Houston, Tezas, used explosives to extinguish the fires and placed valves on the top of the casings to shut off the gas and oil flow.

This time around professional oil well firefighters were missing in action. Instead the US Navy sent specially fitted out ship sinkers, standard oil rig supply ships fitted out with gigantic water cannons and pumps. The usual supply ship has a small cannon and pump to clean off the decks and they can be seen trying to put out the fire but they are of no significance. These photos show the super pump outfitted ships, one empty and the other with a pipe section in its cargo area which gives lie to their claim that they just happened to be in the area supplying oil rigs and ships.

This photo shows that no signficant oil has leaked before the deliberate sinking of the oil rig. Small supply ships laden with supplies use their small water cannons in a valent effort but just put on a bad show. In comparison, the super supply ships project enormous qualities of water NOT AT THE FIRE BUT AT THE LEGS. The helicopter landing area is highlighted in all photos to serve as orientation of the city block size rig.

This closeup shows the helicopter leg getting blasted:

Another view:

This overhead aerial view shows the opposing attacks on the city block size Deepwater Horizon:

This photo shows the same supply ship targeting the leg on the opposite side. This side sunk first so that supply ship was 'successful' on this side and then went to the other side to replace the other supply ship.

Same ship, same leg, different view:

Another view of flooding the opposite side from the helicopter landing area leg:

All of the water sprayed isn't even landing on the upper deck so the theory that water landing on the deck caused an accidental sinking of the Deepwater Horizon is just another Nazi fairytale.

In this photo the helicopter landing area leg with its five foot on a side hatches is hit with turrents of water. All of the on deck equipment looks FINE.

The other super supply ship makes a close up appearance in this photo. They have one side of the oil rig at water level but the helicopter landing area is high and dry. Both super supply ships are blasting the helicopter landing area leg with all of their might.

A closeup view: Just more proof that the Sinking of the Deepwater Horizon AND BP was Compliments of the Nazis and their puppet, Obama, and the Nazi US Navy.


Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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'Obama' is an Asian Ringer and Nazi puppet controlled by the Nazi Bushes. Notice in this photo the lack of eyelashes typical of Asians and never Negros. NOT A SINGLE NEGROID FEATURE! The Obama story has him at age 49 but Part 5 has him at age 59. This photo shows the bad complexion and wrinkles of an ugly senile old man. His hair is continually cut short to hide the straight hair of the Thai.

The goal is to get Jeb Bush into the White House in 2012. The Nazis GOP is alive and well in the US House especially. To know what the Nazis are doing watch the Nazi House members that votes 180 to 1 for Nazi bills.

To further whet your whistle, this photo shows the skinny fake Black Obama. Whites are well aware of the elevated rearends of Blacks some of them enormous but Obama has the no rearend of an Asian and the physique of an old man. To create the Black Obama the Nazis went to great lengths to create a Black First Family:

Nazi Germany Spies Hatched The First Family

Obama Ain't No Negro
The Hoax Of The Century

Another Nazi trick on Black Americans. A Special Report not available on the Net.
Obama is not one iota Black, a BLACK IMPERSONATOR. Our investigation shows that 'Obama' is not from Kenya, Hawaii, Indonesia, or America but Thailand.

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