The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 20
The Nazis Do Katrina

By Jon Carlson

In 1969 the Eye of Hurricane Camille with 110 mph winds missed New Orleans by 55 miles with the major devastation occuring in Mississippi. Katrina's Eye missed New Orleans by 35 miles causing major devastation to Mississippi. New Orleans suffered considerable tree and roof damage during Camille but no damage to the levees and no flooding in the city proper. No hurricane has hit New Orleans directly because the Continental Shelf extends far into the Gulf. New Orleans is located 107 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River, about 50 miles from Gulfcoast, and over a hundred miles from the edge of the Continental Shelf. Once a hurricane leaves deep water it loses its power.

Hurricanes have their strongest wind component on the eastern side. Katrina's weaker winds on the West inpacted New Orleans:

In the 35 years since Camille New Orleans' levees were upgraded to withstand a Category 3 hurricane direct hit. Katrina was predicted to be a Category 3 hurricane aimed directly at New Orleans but it took a sharp eastern turn away from New Orleans and winds diminished considerably as well before it hit the mainland.

With just Mother Nature to contend with, New Orleans made out well but dealing with the Nazi Devils was another story.

This satellite photo sequence shows how Katrina hit Florida before hitting Mississippi:

This weather report has Katrina a Category 3 hurricane:

This weather report has Katrina a Category 1 hurricane:

The New Orleans vicinity is located on swamps and lowlands that, like parts of Florida, require canals and pumps to make them habitable. The following map shows undrained areas depicted with BLUE symbols. The Mississippi River is located at the bottom margin. Most of the Mississippi River is diverted directly to the Gulf at New Orleans.

This enlargement of the Mississippi River OUTLET CANAL also highlights NASA, a division of the US Navy whose only function in these days of jet aircraft, missiles, and Nazi Black Ops IS their Black Ops such as 9/11, the Gulf Atomic Bomb Sabotage, Gulf of Tonkin hoax, Katrina and much more.

In that regard investigator Wayne Madsen reported the jamming of radio signals during Katrina eminating from a Navy ship to the SW of New Orleans in the Gulf. (source) Gold mining engineer Bryan Cowan from Perth, Australia, said if the levees were blown up, seismographs would depict the explosions. Katrina landed at 6 am BUT the seismographic recording blanked out at 7 am even though the recording station was located in Livingston, Louisana, 148 miles from Hattiesburg, Mississippi! The seismic stations communicate with their recorders by radio signal that was jammed.

LIGO Livingston Observatory of Caltech reports the high water surges would be EAST of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, NOT NEAR NEW ORLEANS:

As hurricane Katrina plowed its way over the Gulf of Mexico during the last week in August, its high winds whipped the sea surface into a frenzy of huge waves. The low atmospheric pressure in the eye of the storm raised the sea surface and as the storm moved onto the shallow continental shelf the shoreward winds EAST of the eye piled additional water onto the coast. All of these processes generated microseisms that traveled as sound vibrations through Earth's solid crust to the shore, and were recorded at seismograph stations. On August 28 the microseisms are so strong that the lines are overwriting each other. Finally on the 29th of August Katrina slams ashore at just after 6 a.m. Central Daylight Time. At about 6:10 the seismic station loses communications with the network.(source)


With Katrina passing EAST of New Orleans, the 20+ foot storm surges and the strongest winds occurred in Mississippi.


This map shows the 17th. Street Canal, the Industrial Canal, and the London Canal that had levess 'give way'. If one levee 'gave way' it is not unreasonable BUT to have three levees give way is out of the realm of possibility. The Nazi Devils had a method to their madness, destroy America.


The 17th Street Canal walls were new construction that had been completed:. (source)

Dr. Shea Penland of the Pontchartrain Institute was surprised because the break was "along a section that was just upgraded. It did not have an earthen levee, it had a vertical concrete wall SEVERAL FEET THICK." It was a CANAL WALL, not a levee. (source)

Al Naomi, senior project manager in the Corps' New Orleans District, says, "The project's design was not adequate for a storm of this nature." He adds that to cover a Category 5 storm, work on storm protection improvements would have had to start 20 or 25 years ago.
The levee breaches occurred in areas that were "in excellent condition" before the storm and were inspected, said Naomi. He said there was nothing the Corps could have done involving the completed floodwalls that could have prevented the breaches. (source)

Scientists and engineers at Louisiana State University's Hurricane Center with the help of computer models and visual evidence concluded that the levee system should have been sufficient to keep most of the city dry. They also said Katrina's storm surges did not come close to going over the floodwalls, contradicting statements from the Army Corps of Engineers, which has said the surges sent water from Lake Pontchartrain over the top of the concrete walls. (source)

A retired LSU coastal engineer noted that the canal wall gave way all at once. The canal wall was built on top of driven I-beams. Joseph Suhayda said that his inspection of the debris from the 17th Street Canal breach suggests the wall simply gave way. "It looks to have been laterally pushed, not scoured in back with dirt being removed in pieces," he said. "You can see levee material, some distance pushed inside the floodwall area, like a bulldozer pushed it." "Those sections in the rest of the wall should have been subjected to the same forces as that section that failed," he said. "Why did one side fail, not the other side?"


Clearly a barge was involved at the Industrial Canal but it is not so clear that it struck the levee.
It may have been tied there and floated in with the massive rush of water through the demolished levee. Photos show no damage to the barge after supposedly striking a concrete wall!

The day after Katrina smacked the city, Daniel Weber, who had watched his wife drown, wept and screamed about the barge, how it had "just killed so many people." He had barely escaped by floating on a piece of wood until rescued 14 hours later."It's just not right, it's not right," he sobbed. "It just came rushing in so fast. I was looking at the levee, and water was just splashing over it a little - and then, BOOM! The barge hit, and it filled up in less than five minutes." (source)

Truckdriver Joe Edwards heard the levee being demolished and saw the inrushing water take out his house and his mother's house.

Leonardo Ramirez, a construction worker and Metairie resident who lives near the breached area, said he thought he heard a barge hitting the levee early Aug. 29, though he did not see it happen.
"At quarter to six in the morning we heard a huge bang, and then we heard another," he said. "It was so loud. It scared us." (source)

Louis Farrakhan claimed, "I heard from a very reliable source who saw a 25 foot deep crater under the levee breach." (source)

Investigative journalist Hal Turner reported that a US Army Corps of Engineers diver found explosive residue on concrete from a collapsed levee. The diver sent a sample to a Army lab where it was identified as a Navy explosive used for underwater blasting. FEMA told the diver to mind his own business. (source)

Whistleblower Tom Heneghan claims up to 25 residents have come forward who witnessed hearing explosions before the flooding. (source)

FINAL CLUE: Many storm surge gauges stopped functioning during the storm. (source)

Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.

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