Identifying the A3 Skywarrior
Engine At the 9/11 Pentagon

By Jon Carlson

This photo of the Pentagon aircraft engine parts, a fan hub assembly, and just behind it a engine case, was the first clue of what really hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Measuring 35 inches it is half the size of the same part in the claimed Flight 77 Boeing 757 engine.

A few days searching on the Internet turned up this dead ringer on the Praxair engine services website:

Here is a close-up view of the fan blades attached to the hub:

Strange indeed that this JT8D engine fan hub assembly was NOT from the Flight UA77 Rolls Royce RB211-235 engine MORE THAN TWICE AS LARGE but an engine that powered ancient Boeing 737 aircraft, the 100 and 200 series. The A3 Skywarrior was modified to accept JT8D engines to replace its ancient J57 engines.

This photo in front of the Pentagon masonry wall corroborated the JT8D identification. The J8TD engine is circled in yellow BUT more important circled in blue is the IMPACT DAMAGE IN REINFORCED CONCRETE OF THE ENGINE. Knowing the length of the limestone blocks (5 feet) it was possible to calculate the impact width at 50 inches across matching perfectly with the JT8D diameter:

See large closeup:

A NASA Shuttle investigator with 15 years experience (35 years in the aerospace industry.) emailed a confirmation of the Pentagon engine. He wanted photos of the engine and the hole the aircraft made. He had heard that the aircraft hit the Pentagon at a 45 degree angle and wanted to confirm that with photos. Just part of the 9/11 fairytale. As seen above the engine lies directly below the impact area proof that the A3 hit straight-on. He never wrote his article.

We read on the Internet that a JT8D engine was on display at the Museum of Science and Industy so we shot a roll of film on a real life JT8D. The engine goes 17 feet in length:

This photo corroborates the JT8D engine in front of the Pentagon. The rows of engine bolts can be seen in both photos. Both engines had their outer cowling or metal skin removed:

This display model shows the location of the Fan Hub Assembly circled in RED:

This panorama shows the Jeep Cherokee circled in blue and the burning aircraft circled in yellow:

The Jeep and the automobile were owned by employees in the Pentagon helicopter tower.

The first thing the two noticed was that both of their cars were on fire. Kidd was the owner of the infamous Grand Cherokee that ended up resembling a station wagon and Boger owned the totaled 3000 GT that was shown for weeks worldwide on news broadcasts.

Notice the fuselage circled in yellow:

Just like at the NYC street engine FBI agents had a grand view:

VIEW the panaramic photo of this cropped photo:

The next two photos show the JT8D engine being picked from the wreckage:

The other JT8D engine also dropped in front of the Pentagon wall:

FBI agents clean the crime scene of the most heinous mass murder in history. Notice the flatbed trailer in the background circled in red with an A3 engine and the A3 fuselage

The JT8D engine is circled in yellow and the A3 Skywarrior fuselage is circled in blue: