Nazi Germany Spies
Hatched The First Family

By Jon Carlson


The American people do not think that Barack Obama is doing what's best for the country. They do not believe that in the slightest. Never in my life have I seen a regime like this governing so against the will of the people, purposely. I have never known more people personally who literally fear for the country.”
Radio Host Rush Limbaugh (source)

As World War II wound down Russian troops approached Germany from the East and US and Allied troops approached from the West. Four hundred rocket scientists who had used slave labor to manufacture the Buzz Bombs and V2 rockets in an underground facility highballed to the Allied lines to give themselves up before the Russians approaching troops annihilated them. Nazi SS intelligence agents, many involved with the death camps of Jews, old and sick people also kept far away from Russian troops eventually making an agreement with US officials to 'come over' and use their European and Russian spy networks for the benefit of the United States.

When the US Navy flopped with the VANGUARD satellite program circa 1958 much like the US Navy Keystone Cops 9/11 operation against the American people, German scientists headed by Werner Von Braun stepped up to the plate with the US Army REDSTONE rocket to successfully launch the US first satellite. As Von Braun and the scientists were the inventor of the V2 rockets loaded with bombs that terrorized London during WWII they should have been executed along with the other rocket scientists. Von Braun was a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party.

The combination of the original US intelligence OSO (Office of Special Operations) with the Nazis SS resulted in the CIA becoming the foreign (and domestic) experts that persuaded Presidents to wage war and military actions on a almost continual basis. With the Nazi infiltration of the GOP by the Bushes all illegal aliens who assumed American identities the Nazi GOP has brought America to its knees in order to benefit Germany. The largest creditor nation in the world in 1980 has become the largest debtor nation in the world!

Nobody today knows why the US became involved in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. For the closet Nazis it was easy enough to persuade the haberdasher Harry Truman and a Texas schoolteacher Lyndon Johnson as Presidents to enter Wars in faraway places primarily to get the Nazi GOP in office. The Nazis allegedly under Bush I killed JFK to get the schoolteacher Johnson into office. Germany had given GOP presidential candidate Wendal Wilkie $5 million in 1940 in keep America out of war to no avail. Eisenhower running in 1952 claimed that he had a plan to get out of the Korean War if he was elected. Worked. Nixon claimed he had a plan to get out of the Vietnam War if he was elected. Worked.

Looking back at the historical events since the Nazis infiltrated the US government including the FDA and the medical system it becomes very easy to understand why such events as 9/11, Exxon Valdez, Katrina, Iraq Wars, JFK killing, etc. happened.

In our last installment, Nazi Germany Spies Ruin America, strong circumstantial documentation showed how Nazi Germany spy George Scherf (US assumed name Prescott Bush) operated at 'Hitler's Bank' in New York to fund Nazi Germany to the tune of millions of dollars while George Scherf, Jr. (US assumed name George HW Bush) and Barbara Bush (Nazi Germany name unknown) were in the wings coming into influencing government policy during the Eisenhower Administration. As they took on assumed Christian identites never becoming naturalized US citizens the Jewish Scherfs are illegal aliens meaning George Scherf III (US assumed name George W. Bush) is an illegal alien besides! Neither Bush I nor Bush II had the natural born qualification to become President.

George Scherf III (US assumed name George W. Bush) practicing his Jewish religion at the Wailing Wall in Israel:

These photos show Nazi Germany spy George Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) in the first photo and George Scherf (Prescott Bush) in the second photo with President Eisenhower. Eisenhower had no idea that he was dealing with NAZI SPIES intent on wrecking America in every possible way to benefit their mother country Germany. The Nazi spies got 'Ike' to turn against our WWII partner Russia who had lost upwards of 20 million solidiers killed as they turned the war against the Nazi psychopaths in Europe and the psycho Japs in the Pacific.

Vice-President Nixon DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE that he is glad-handling with Nazi Germany Spy Prescott Bush (German name George Scherf). Later in his own administration he had so many Germans around him that it was called THE BERLIN WALL some of them ending up with prison terms.

So you have Prescott Bush, Bush I, Bush II, Heinz Kissenger, and 'Obama' as Nazi spies doing their damnest to destroy America in order to bring America to the basement level of their mother country, Nazi Germany.


In our earlier investigations in our archives we found that the OBAMA STORY is a pack of lies with forged, altered, and missing documents and fake photos all alone the way. The Nazi way has been to run a candidate for President lying about his hopes and dreams for America and when elected do everything possible to destroy America for the benefit of Nazi Germany.

Naturally the Nazis had to hatch a First Family to make the illegal alien Obama a credible Presidential candidate. Just like with all of the 'Obama' photos the subjects are not who they claim to be.



As 'Obama' is hiding his birth certificate to stay in his SPY ROLE TO WRECK AMERICA, America needs the birth certificates of the subjects in this photo. Normally in family photos some facial feature resemblance between subjects can be seen. In this photo: NONE. Eyes, noses, forehead, mouths, chin shapes, skin shade, ear shapes, teeth, eyebrows. Did we miss anything?

Throw in 'Obama' in this photo. Ever seen anyone with teeth, hair, ears, eyebrows like that? The hair cut short make it appear Afro-American and the way it grows straight across the front is unique. IS OBAMA REALLY BLACK or is this all ruse to gain the Black Vote and impersonate a Black person?

Curiously Obama's alleged sister, Maya Soetoro, had no photos of him and her and their mother when they were growing up which means they didn't grow up together. This photo is the earliest we found of the 'Obama family'. Where are the baby photos? Is this the origin of the 'Obama family'?



Clearly not from Kenya.

Clearly not from America.

The noses of Black males vary considerably but their ears are seldom large.

Obama reviewing Nazi Germany troops!



Tiger Woods has a nose similar to 'Obama' but not the Dumbo ears. Tiger admits that he is one-quarter Thai. The very heavy eyebrows are another dominating facial feature. Prominant noses and ears especially seem to be dominate characteristics of the people in Thailand

Check out the hair, nose, ears, eyebrows on these Thailand men:

Nuwong Chollacoop earned his Ph.D. in material science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States before turning towards renewable energies after his return to Thailand. For the past four years, he has worked in the field of biofuels. source


This is the Prime Minister of Thailand:

'Obama' in twenty years?

Older Thai women fit the pattern:

A young Thai woman fits the pattern:

The child on the left in this photo carries the Thai features. The other child has different eyes, maybe Chinese.


October, 1961 TRUE magazine
Interview with Jim Rand of the Remington Rand Corporation

In England during WWII Rand put his knowledge of electronics to work for the "Weary Willie" project. This operation involved loading up beat-up B-17 bombers with some 8 tons of high explosives and bringing them in by remote control on specially selected targets like submarine pens and rocket bases. The project marked the one of the first practical uses of airborne TV equipment. The Drones had cameras in their noses and the Escorts had receivers. Rand says the scheme worked just fine. "When I dived the Drones," he recalled, "I could actually see the German soldiers running."

In a nutshell 9/11 was compliments of the Bush Administration, the US Navy, and the CIA. At the Pentagon and at the South Tower a waiting helicopter provided final guidance of drone aircrafts, not Flight 175 at the South Tower and Flight 77 at the Pentagon. A white jet described by witnesses or caught on video in all 9/11 locations provided the initial guidance of drone aircraft. At the North Tower the white jet was captured on video and photos as it flew directly above the drone aircraft, a Boeing 737 not a Boeing 767 the mainstream media claims. The South Tower drone was also a Boeing 737 not a Boeing 767.

During the Motely Rice lawsuit flight controllers came forward in the discovery phase of that lawsuit that the NYC aircraft disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on the radar screen. The NYC aircraft are believed to have taken off from the NASA airport in Dayton, Ohio as it is the only US Navy airbase in the eastern United States. The Pentagon and Pennsylvania drones were A3 Skywarrior aircraft, a small 60,000 pound aircraft carrier capable aircraft that flew off the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11. That carrier also provided support for the white jet.

The Nazis thought that they had 9/11 set up to be a Big Magic Show where the 'audience' doesn't see how the trick is performed. However America's cameras out in force on 9/11 caught the whole mass murder of 3000 Americans by the Bush Administration. Their plan was get a NORTHWEST wind blowing from the North Tower across the South Tower to hide a helicopter operating above the South Tower. THE ONLY NORTHWEST WIND IN MONTHS CAME ON 9/11 AND WAS PREDICTED ON 9/06 WHEN OPERATIVES GOT INTO POSITION. Bush II took all Situation Room personel to Florida while Bush II stayed behind in the White House by himself to standdown America's Trillion dollar air defense for an hour and a half.

The North Tower was loaded with drums of creosote oil set off by remote control to create a smoke plume in minutes after the North Tower crash. They thought the North Tower crash would be so unexpected and so quick that no cameras or eyes would catch it so they flew the white jet in formation above that drone. The cameras caught the formation flying however. With the smoke plume over the South Tower the helicopter was not supposed to be seen. Many cameras caught it for over an hour when it set off the demoliton explosives that brought the South Tower to the ground and left for the USS George Washington. The North Tower explosives were set off by the white jet later also caught by the cameras.

On 9/16/01, USA Today reported the presence of the USS George Washington. Getting a carrier sea-worthy requires 6 months preparation!

"The Pentagon refuses to say how many aircraft, ships and troops are defending U.S. territory or where they are — even after TV cameras showed the carrier USS George Washington off New York".

Russia was watching via satellite the Eastern seaboard on 9/11 as they noticed the unusal movement of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and other US Navy ships which in fact set off for the Middleeast shortly after. They actually saw in real time the launching from the carrier of the A3 Skywarrior that hit the Pentagon. Later a second A3 Skywarrior was launched and escorted to Pennsylvania by the white jet where the white jet using remote control blow it out of the skies. Witnesses there described the white jet in such fine detail that it was matched up with the small jet serving as the mainstay of the Swedish and Austrian air forces. Look in our archives for more analysis and photos.

These photos shows the white jet as it makes a flyby at the South Tower. Only about 30 feet long and wide it still provided room for a pilot and an operator of remote control equipment. The South Tower drone had 4 napalm bombs attached to the undercarriage also seen in numerous videos one of which went clear though a South Tower workspace occupied with working Americans NAPALM HELL blowing up as it exited the rear wall. An engine from the South Tower drone also went though landing in the street where military experts identified it as a Boeing 737 engine not an engine off the Flight 175 Boeing 767. There are 15 photos of the engine in the 9/11 Nutshell Archive. To the Nazis' chagrin the white jet left vapor trails all over the skies of 9/11.



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