The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 6
Bush Ages Nix US Genealogy Claims

By Jon Carlson


The MERGER of the US spies and German Nazi spies after WWII has led to unAmerican governmental policy ever since. Supreme Court Justice Goldberg said John Dulles and Allen Dulles were traitors for what they did. Besides the Merger of Spies, the Dulles were involved in hiding the Nazi Germany corporate and looted funds in 700 corporate shells and Switzerland. Now you know why the DC airport was called Dulles Airport. The Nazis in the White House honored NAZI TRAITORS.

This photo of John Dulles probably of German extraction was taken in his BERLIN, GERMANY office:

The Nazis were so overwhelmed with his treason that they named a Berlin street John Foster Dulles Allee:

One example of unAmerican policy was the change in FDR policy of neutrality towards the Arabs by haberdasher President Truman creating Israel in 1947. Throw in the Korea War also. Haberdashers are not students of foreign policy and would rather listen to spies even though they are Nazi spies with the destruction of America as their motivation. 9/11 was carried out by Nazi elements in the Bush administration, the CIA, and the US Navy.

The spy plot was to infiltrate the US government UNKNOWN and make changes to every aspect of a Christian middle class America, BRING AMERICA'S REPUTATION TO ROCKBOTTOM WORLDWIDE, AND BOOSTER GERMAN INTERESTS WORLDWIDE. An FBI agent circa the Bush I administration said, "They are making everything that was illegal legal." That agent said the FBI knew where illegal aliens wer living but the Bush administration wouldn't let FBI agents do anything about it. When asked why the Russians were being dumped on in spite of their similarity to Americans and their partnership in WWII without which the allies wouldn't have prevailed in Europe and the Pacific, he said, "It is government policy." Russia lost 20 million dead in WWII.

GHW Bush Honored For Committment To Germany!

Holbrooke told The Associated Press that Bush, who was president in 1989-93, lobbied for Germany's reunification against the wishes of his counterparts in Britain and France. "There is no one who Germans are more appreciative of than President Bush," Holbrooke said.

  British Prime Minister Thratcher:

“The reunification of Germany is not in the interests of Britain and Western Europe. We do not want a united Germany. This would have led to a change to post-war borders and we can not allow that because such development would undermine the stability of the whole international situation and could endanger our security.In the same way, a destabilisation of Eastern Europe and breakdown of the Warsaw Pact are also not in our interests.
“All Europe is watching this not without a degree of fear, remembering very well who started the two world wars."

It stands to reason that if America was unaware that the White House was infiltratied with Nazi spies even in the Presidency diplomats in foreign countries outside Germany also were also unaware. The Nazis in the White House have in fact used US troops and taxpayer funds to start unending wars around the world for Germany interests.

The first order of business for Nazi spies already in America in the 1930's was establishing American Citizenship for George Scherf ('Prescott Bush') and wife and George Scherf, Jr. ('George Bush I') and his German girl friend ('Barbara Bush'). The Constitution clearly states that candidates for President must be native born and have an allegiance to America AS A PROTECTION AGAINST SPIES. The Nazi CIA pored over American genealogy records to find a family that they could infiltrate like a a virus unknown to that family and relatives AND AMERICA.

The Best Plan of Attack for a Nazi Hunter to defeat the GENEALOGY CLAIM that Bush I and 'Barbara Bush' were born in America circa 1925 is to determine their REAL AGES.

Otto Skorzeny, an associate of Hitler and the Bushes, fessed up on the Bushes (German name Scherf) after a feud over Nazi Germany corporate funds and loot stolen from Europeans during WWII. Skorzeny's Sixty photos of German Nazis supported his story.

This Otto Skorzeny photo highlights 'Barbara Bush' (Nazi Germany name unknown) and George Scherf, Jr. ('Bush I') next to her. Both are in their teens with Barbara appearing older. In the background is a 1931 Stoewer G15 automobile. This photo was taken circa 1931. The Bush Family Story has the Bushes born circa 1925. More like circa 1915.

Highlighted in this rare Otto Skorzeny photo are 'Bush I' (George Scherf, Jr.), 'Prescott Bush' (George Scherf), and wife. Far left is MARTIN BORMANN, eventual No. 2 to Hitler. Both Bormann and 'Bush I' are dressed in their German Navy outfits. Bush I was about 18 years-old in this photo with Bormann, Otto Skorzeny (far right), and Mengele (rear) in their 20's. This photo was shot circa 1933.

Later photos of Martin Bormann, Bush I, Prescott Bush, and his wife, are a dead match proving Otto Skorzeny has turned the tables on Bush I:

A staunch supporter of Bush I also got knifed in the back by Bush I in business dealings. He had done work for Saudi Arabia and one of the 'princes' was given money as payment for his services to be given to the businessman. However, the Saudi prince stuck the funds into his own pocket. The businessman asked Bush to intercede but he refused. The Bush-Saudi connection goes way back. Germany corporations control Saudia Arabia and installedl Ibn Saud the original 'Arab family'. Notice how Saudia Arabia was blamed for 9/11 and never said a word!

The Bushes claimed to be in their early sixties in this White House photo circa 1988. Would you say Barbara Bush was age 63?

The story goes that 'these kids' are twenty years of age at their 1945 wedding. More like 30 years of age.

Bush II born in 1946 was about three years-old in this photo--1949. Is 'Barbara Bush' age 24 or age 34?

Bush II born in 1946 was about age 4 in this photo--1950. Were the 'Bushes' about 25 years-old? Or about 35 years-old?

Ditto for this 1947 photo of baby Bush II: Is Barbara Bush age 22 or age 32?

Dorothy (far left) was about age 4 in this photo hence a circa 1963 photo. Is 'Barbara Bush' age 38 or age 48? As late 1958 was the last evidence of fertility--Dorothy's conception--the story goes that 'Barbara Bush' was 33 years-old. Or was she 43 years old, a common time for a woman's fertility to decline?

Which of these photo shows the 20 year old 'Barbara Bush? 'Bush I's' high hairline certainly isn't typical of a 20 year-old male. It is typical of a 30 year-old male. With her lack of muscular development 'Barbara' was definitely not a commoner or farm girl who was capable of hard work.

Another view:

Another view shortly after their wedding:

The story goes that the 'Bushes' are age 66 in this photo? Bush's neck skin and facial wrinkles give him away in this photo. Would you say Barbara Bush looks age 66?

The left photo below is supposed to be 'Bush I' at age 13 in America. The right photo shows Adolph Hitler and Martin Bormann in the 1930's. Did these guys get their duds at the same German tailor?

Compare hair styles and wrinkles in this 1968 White House photo. Bush has more wrinkles than Nixon who was born in 1913. Bush who claims he was born circa 1925 also has a deeper hair recession than Nixon. Nixon had no idea that Bush was a German Nazi spy bringing down his presidency. Nixon was just another soft touch for the Nazis. A will, divorce, and real estate attorney, never a trial lawyer, Nixon was out of his league.

Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.


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